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We recently heard a sermon in church that discussed “divine checklists,” which gave me an idea for this blog.  As the preacher went through the checklist of things God gave us to do, I began to relate the sermon to the practice of real estate.  Recalling the many times I would go on an appointmen...
Today is Saturday and we just got back from fishing.  The weather was perfect, we took the boat and we settled in for the duration.  Fishing is a little of a science and a little of an art.  Fishing helps clear the mind and offers excitement, anticipation, fun and sometimes boredom.  Today was no...
Real estate agents come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, all political and religious persuasions and all types of morals and character.  The question at hand, then, would be what makes a good real estate agent?  Regardless of all the differences between them, is there some similar trait that yo...
Time is passing way too quickly for me!  I need to stop sitting on the fence about a few things I want to get accomplished.  In thinking about my personal goals, my mind wanders toward our business, which is teaching people how to get a real estate license or furthering their real estate educatio...
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School has a policy to assist students with their tuition.  We try to make it as painless as possible for them because we know that there are many more expenses they will be facing as they get further into the process of getting a real estate license.  We also do this beca...
Election day is next week, and everyone’s attention is turned to uncertainty as to whether or not their candidate will be elected.  Your vote counts in the election obviously, but regardless of the outcome, it is important that you take control of your business. The best real estate agents are th...
TEAM Hughes offers a one-week fast track real estate class in Florida and a two-week fast track real estate class in Alabama.  The modern student of today doesn’t always want to sit in a classroom four days a week or four nights a month or even have to attend class for a couple of months.  We loo...
Our school has been trying to find someone to handle our website.  We’ve been looking for a while, and although we are able to maintain most of it ourselves, there are changes that must be made periodically and class schedules that must be updated.  It seems to be a continual battle.  In our ques...
As children, we learned about the ant and the grasshopper, one storing and one having fun.  There were also many stories about squirrels scurrying around in the fall of the year to get food for the winter scarcity.  We’ve been told time and time again as adults that we should save for a rainy day...
Like the change of seasons from autumn to winter and the change of time from light to dark at 5:00 PM, change may be coming to the practice of real estate.  Every real estate agent should be making plans to accommodate this change. Change may be coming in the form of buyers’ market to sellers’ ma...

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