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I read a motto the other day, “The higher we lift our people, the higher our company will soar.”  That got me to thinking about TEAM Hughes Real Estate School and why we are becoming so popular among consumers who have made the decision to pursue a practice in real estate.  TEAM Hughes tends to l...
Tuesday started out nicely.  We leisurely got out of bed knowing we had no appointments.  After working on numerous projects, we went to lunch at one of our favorite haunts.  So far, so good and even the errands were okay.  Does this happen to you?  The day starts out nicely, the day proceeds fai...
People are always asking us whether or not they should get a real estate license.  This is the right time!  There is no time like the present.  We tell them they should not put off getting a license, and it’s not because our economy is cyclical.  It’s not because interest rates are still low.  It...
I recently chatted with an instructor who I admire very much.  As we were visiting, one of her agents came in and casually chatted with us because she was on “floor duty.”  As she was leaving, she said, “Well, I’m here until 5:00 and I hope that big call will come in!”  When she said that, my ins...
When I first graduated from high school, I took a job in DC with a government agency because I thought it would be exciting.  After a while, though, boredom set in, I left the agency and found myself working with attorneys, which is where I stayed for over 15 years.  Working as an administrative ...
In the practice of real estate, you must be consistent, you must have patience, and your resolve must take you through the times you feel you are swimming upstream.  The practice of real estate is not likely to be consistent, its consumers sometimes have little patience, and again, we battle swim...
Some real estate agents get into the practice of real estate they heard there was good money to be made.  Some real estate agents get into the business because they need two jobs to make ends meet.  Some real estate agents get into the business because they have huge egos and need to feed them re...
Blogging is therapeutic at times, especially when I am passionate about the subject matter I am addressing.  Sometimes, however, blogging can be a challenge.  I have blogged 240 times in the past two years or so.  My blogs are then posted to the TEAM Hughes website, to our Facebook page and also ...
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School has had growing pains this past year and they aren’t about to miraculously stop.  One of the stiffest challenges we’ve faced is finding instructors that we are willing to trust our business to.  Becoming a good instructor is no easy feat, regardless of how the instr...
The holidays are over, the tree is down, the kids are back in school, and now it’s time to get down to business.  If you have a real estate license, STOP!  This blog is not for you!  If you want a real estate license, continue on.  This blog is especially for you! I was first licensed in 1983, so...

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