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Psalms 150:1-2 1 Praise the Lord! Praise God in His Sanctuary: praise Him in His mighty heavens!2 Praise Him for His mighty deeds: according to His excellent greatness! Praise the Lord!
Just wanted to get some positive and negative critism for this video I developed to reach out to potential homeowners ready to list their house here in my Dyersburg, Tennessee market. There is almost no inventory to sell here as is probable like your market.I tried to catch their attention early ...
Some of my very good friends noticed how I observed Memorial Day honoring our fallen soldiers so purchased me this small animated flag that actually plays the National Anthem and My country Tis of Thee. I have the flag sitting on my desk and it reminds me of everything I have to be thank-ful for....
I just listened to this interview that our very own Bob Timm did with Gail Schmidkunz. Mr. Schmidkunz's child quit taking his prescribed Zoloft and as a result tradgey struck. Listen to all of this please! Minot Real Estate Today's radio broadcast is with Author Gail Schmidkunz who's completely d...
Are you thinking about selling your Dyersburg,Tn home? Did you see on the news that home sales nationwide are down 3-4%? If you research further into the down sales you will find out that sales are down because inventories for sale are down.I normally don't promise clients their house will sale b...
Are you wondering what trade to learn in technical school that would be in demand in Dyersburg,Tennessee? Appliance repair is probable the #1 in demand job currently in Dyersburg.I used to use a guy who would not return my calls until 4-5 hours later. I am sure he was busy. I then started using a...
  If you are like me you are sick and tired of the harassing calls from telemarketers. Those are pouring in about ten a day and usually on different phone numbers. I block the phone numbers but the calls persist. The do not call list must not be in effect any longer.Most of the calls are for goog...
If you searched online what is my Dyersburg home worth chances are you found one of the the best agents in Dyersburg who can give you that answer in a short time.I will need your address and the name on the tax card to get started. Then, I will pull up 3 recent sales of homes similiar to yours an...
Earlier today I got to thinking about a current client who made an offer 3 weeks ago on a house at $95,000 but the seller countered much higher. It is listed at $115,000. My client kept telling me he wants to get the house and will pay up to $100,000 and no more.I ran some numbers and was astonis...
I have been checking all the posts today and I know it is wordless Wednesday here on Activerain but not a word or post written about the presidental address last night. Really?Mr. Trump did a masterful job last night inspiring Americans about the last year and where we are headed as a nation. I k...

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The purpose of this blog will be to discuss the market conditions in the Dyersburg Tennessee area of west Tennessee. There will lots of useful information for buyers, sellers, bankers and other users of Dyersburg real estate information. I will also often quote other professionals. Follow MikeFrazier-Dyersburg homes on Twitter