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Real Estate Coach ♦ Coach Carol Mazur is known as the Top Producer Maker ♦ We share Top Pro Secrets & the Top 10 Systems of Real Estate Top Producers ♦ Agents are working hard doubling, tripling, & even 16X-ing their real estate business ♦ Are you our next top pro? ♦ To find out call 973-310-4545.
  TOP PRO EDUCATION CENTER FOR 50 SALES™BEST REAL ESTATE BUSINESS PLAN Not EVERYONE wants to be a Top Producer, yet many agents do want to achieve 50 Sales. EFFORTLESSLY get top pro results with the scripts and systems of top producers! Join Our Top Pro Group for more Posts, Videos, and Certified...
   Scroll Down for Your Daily Top Pro “TO DO” Real Estate Form Time Management is probably one of the most difficult areas to control in real estate. That’s why I’ve created a simple form for you to use every single day. This is one of the habits that Top Producers have, meaning they write down w...
Access our FREE agent training, below...Our Top Pro Education Center for 50 Sales™ is an innovative one stop location for Real Estate Training, Top Pro Secrets, and Live Group Coaching. At Top Pro Training, you can join a unique group of real estate professionals dedicated to creating 10 custom p...
Top Producer 8i lead manager and CRM just announced an updated mobile app that syncs your calendar with Outlook and Gmail!  The new app offers real estate agents a wonderful solution to managing contacts and assuring platinum follow up service.... Coaching Tip: This new feature adds another level...
In this real estate coaching tip we will look at how many days a home is on the market before it sells. LinkedIn posted the following article which shows the average days on market for US homes. Local sold figures can be higher than the national average. Real estate professionals often list a ho...
Are you a new technology fan?  Here is a new way to find more real estate leads on your website. This technology from Spacial Match matches buyer search trends with an awesome user friendly map that can be embedded on any website including WordPress.  I really enjoyed searching this way and thou...
Real estate coaching is one of the most valuable methods of training in the business. Nothing beats the advice of an experienced mentor, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve spent the last few years in the real estate industry. A real estate coach helps existing agents become more competiti...
I just found a FREE Twitter friendly program call Screenr and I give it an A for ease of use not only as a real estate coach but for real estate agents everywhere. The following unrehearsed video was recorded with Screenr while discovering how to use the program. I am sharing my computer screen a...
  Congratulations, you are on your way to creating a life of wealth, happiness and success in real estate. As a real estate coach I have trained hundreds of real estate brokers and I study top producers every day for a living. Top producers who sell 68, 120 and 400 units a year have a unique weal...

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Our Real Estate Training & Top Pro Coaching results are in! ♦ Members of our secret top pro group have been sharing ideas, using our free training tools, and connecting the best real estate systems for real estate success. ♦ Top Pro marketing systems are proven to be the best in the world by Real Estate Top Producers. There are no sixty-minute webinars that put you to sleep in our free education center. ♦ We share only the most important points in LIVE one on one coaching calls, and free 1–7 minute ACTIONAR® coaching videos, live workshops, and anytime online training at our Top Pro Canter so that you can grow your business at record pace and learn between coaching calls. ♦ Oh by the way, our group has the results to prove it. ♦ Contact us for a free strategy plan.