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I'm glad to announce my new website, is a place where people can go to find out about Reverse Mortgages, my specialty.I have a free, 15-page booklet called "Your Reverse Mortgage Guide" for anyone who wants one - just fill out the form and I'll ...
I found this blog post so valuable and informative that I wanted to share it again for everyone.  Thank you, Vickie!!!!---Capital Gains Taxes: There's More Than One Rate  Money gurus are always preaching long-term investing. Not only will that give you a better shot at earning more, it'll also ge...
I have bee studying the role that Reverse Mortgages have to play in our market.  The Leesburg area is home to one of the largest retirement communities in the Florida, called The Villages.  Since Fannie Mae now guarantees Reverse Mortgages, I think we're going to see a LARGE increase of people ta...
I read this a while ago.  It seems to explain the odd growths on my forhead! ;) Are you a Princess or a Goat?  This business has its ups and downs.  One moment I'm in the pink, everything's humming right along, a Princess - and then, just like that I'm a Goat.But there are degrees... sometimes I'...
I've been searching high and low for where I originally found the information I previously posted. Well, I found it, and I edited that posting to reflect the location. Click here to read the entire list.Hope you find it helpful.Carol
I read with great interest other folks' postings on what they do to earn their keep. Following is Part 1 of what I do for my clients. Hey, it's why we get the big bucks ;)This complete list was originally published by the Orlando Regional Realtor Association Pre-Listing Work1. Make appointment wi...
My daughter's bugging me to blog. She just won't stop bothering me about it. As a matter of fact, she's dictating to me as I blog. There now, hope she's happy.But seriously, I'm really hapy to be a part of this community, and I know I'll learn lots.

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