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I guess we could all ask ourselves how bad the local economy can get. Here in Orlando we think sometimes we are immune to outside factors because we have the tourism business. But, even good ole Mickey Mouse is feeling the pinch. How so? Well Mickey Mouse just celebrated his 80th birthday without...
You would not operate on yourself now would you?   How many times have we heard this stupid cliché??? Why is it stupid? Because we would absolutely not operate on ourselves. But, comparing a medical procedure to educating ourselves and taking control of our own financial destinies are totally sep...
I have to say I feel very sorry for the folks who are 55 to 60 plus and have seen their life savings blow up over the last 60 days. This has affected people in my own family. Now I must tell you that I am a commercial real estate broker making my living advising high net worth individuals on cons...
A lot of individual investors have misconceptions regarding commercial real estate. They can't help it. Many times it is misinformation that they have heard from colleagues, friends, and relatives. It is not out of maliciousness, but just plain ignorance. You would be surprised as to the knowledg...
Of course what else would you expect a commercial real estate broker who specializes in single tenant retail NNN properties? But, seriously, if you have the cash (at least 30%, preferably 50% down) now is the time to jump into the Florida market. Specifically, Orlando and Central Florida. Why? Be...

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This Blog will talk about the single tenant NNN product and the future of this type of commercial real estate as we face these very real challenging economic times