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Earth Day Dallas 2012 was chock full of great stuff!  The annual, outdoor festival had informative exhibits, great food and drink made with sustainably grown ingredients using eco-friendly sources, and overall -- numerous activities to help raise and increase environmental awareness. Oh ... and ...
Have you ever gone back to see the house you grew up in?  A couple of times, while visiting some friends near my old neighborhood, I’ve taken a little detour and driven down my old street – the street where my childhood home is located.  The first time I did this, I just kept on driving – catchin...
It’s never really a good idea to talk about the intimate details of business or people in public.  This is a lesson I learned when I was a very young girl.  One of my best friend's father was a tremendous role model, and I’ve never forgotten all the great advice he gave me while growing up.  Some...
While enjoying Earth Day 2012 festivities in Dallas this past weekend, I saw and photographed several images that, in one way or another, reminded me of ActiveRain.  And, after reading Bob Stewart's post last week, I immediately thought about Bob and his cousin Eddie when I stumbled upon these tw...
Not long ago, I attempted to pick up some clothes I had dropped off at a new dry cleaners.  After presenting my ticket stub to the clerk behind the counter, the owner reappeared several minutes later – sans my clothes.  With a puzzled look on his face, the owner said, “You were here yesterday!  W...
We’ve all seen the various, unfortunate posts about less-than-stellar behavior, unprofessionalism, and missteps taken by some of our fellow real estate agents.  These posts are never pleasant to read – and they certainly don’t paint the rest of us in a very positive light.  We all strive to be su...
When I first joined ActiveRain about five months ago, I had no clue what “subscribing to someone’s blog” actually meant.  Basically, I would read a blog, perhaps leave a comment, click “Subscribe” if I really liked it, and then off I’d go.  Since that time, however, I’ve discovered many wonderful...

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