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The following smart and easy ideas are useful to make your home more comfortable and safe for your golden years, and are also great remodels for current homeowners who have elder / senior citizens living at home:- Be easy to find – A home address sign should be erected at the front of the house w...
Prepare to fall in love with this amazing property which is well appointed and situated for maximum comfort and convenience.This house for sale in Pont Casse, Dominica, an unspoilt rugged island in the Eastern Caribbean known for its almost perfectly preserved ecology and friendly people, sits on...
The ‘Nature Isle of The Caribbean’, Wai’tukubuli: ‘Tall is her body, these are some of the names used to describe the beautiful land in which I live, this ‘gem beyond compare’ that I am proud to call my home. With its many rivers, dark sand beaches, rich and fertile soil, cascading waterfalls, hi...
Our island suffered a disaster of epic proportions on 27th August 2015. Tropical Storm Erika dumped an excess of 10 inches of rain on our island for about almost 12 hours.  Several bridges were destroyed,  and more than 20 people died in the landslide prone community of Petite Savanne where the r...
TRUMP for President!  Donald Trump's best lines during his 2016 announcement speech... some lines are quite hilarious!
A few helpful tips to keep the bedroom looking clean and feeling comfy:- Start with the Bed: If your bed is made, your bedroom looks neat. When you wake up, pull the covers up to your chin, then scissor-kick your way out of bed so it’ll be half made. Finish the job before you walk away. Address Y...
Tomato: “Cheer up! They mistake me for a vegetable too!” We love avocado season in the Caribbean!  The avocado, often used as a vegetable, is really a fruit.  We love avocado season in the Caribbean especially since they grow so well in our tropical climate.  Avocado, scientific name Persea ameri...
Believe it or not, there’s a right way to sweep.  Here are some sweeping solutions:-Pick the Right Broom: For indoors, choose one with finer bristles to pick up smaller dirt particles. For outdoors, go for stronger, stiffer bristles, which work better to clear porous surfaces.Get Swept Away: To s...
 Photo courtesy Grog Comics
Hiking is *healthy *energizing *refreshing *therapeutic *cheap *interesting *adventurous!   Watch video to learn about our Waitikubuli National Trail Check out this short video of these hikers having so much fun!          Wherever you may be  located, you should take a  hike ... or if you're up f...

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