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If your home is causing you pain, it may be time to stop the unnecessary mental suffering, all the waiting and wondering when the bank or the sheriff will be coming to kick you out. Who cares if you're living there for free? Admit it, you are in limbo. And no one wants to live in limbo, we need stability, peace of mind and happiness in our lives. Short sales are a viable solution if you can no longer keep your home. Get out while you can with some dignity and pride, there is nothing wrong with a graceful exit, you will have raised the curtain on the final act, salvage whats left of your credit and rid yourself of all the stress. I guarantee you'll feel much better. My two cents, Care
  FIRST TIME HOME BUYER'S ......THIS COULD BE YOU!   Thinking of buying your first home in the greater Orlando area?   ~ Florida Housing Finance Corporation has several first time buyer programs to help Floridian's acheive their American Dream, a first home. ~ Florida Assist Bond Program:  Orang...
Are you behind on your mortgage payments or upside down in your equity?  Do you need to sell, but don't know how?  It's a distressing situation for any homeowner and a short sale may be your best option.If your home is causing you pain, it may be time to stop the unnecessary mental suffering, all...
 It's not too late to purchase a home at low prices and record low interest rates!  ~ I'm a Certified Affordable Housing REALTOR® with Florida Housing Finance Corporation ~ First Time Home Buyer's may receive up to $15,000 in select counties and up to $7,500 in Florida Assist Bond Money with Flor...

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