Well this week has certainly been interesting to say the least all thanks to Wall street or so it seems!  But is it really all doom and gloom or is it just an excellent opportunity to get a little more creative in our marketing and using our resources in a more effective and efficient way?  It mi...
With the market being flooded with homes for sale, isn't it time that the importance of home staging is taken seriously?  Although staging a home does not necessary guarantee the home will be sold, but it certainly creates an ideal situation for the showing of the home to potential buyers.  First...
There are many opinions on the value of home staging.  Is it worth it? or will the property sell regardless of whether it is staged or not?  Is home staging all hype?  Isn't it all common sense anyway - why spend the money on having a professional home stager come in to do that which should come ...
Emphatically YES !!  Statics show that vacant homes take on average twice as long to sell and in this challenging market are currently at a 40-year inventory high!  Research has also shown that as little as 10% of buyers can visualize the potential of a vacant home, with the result that it is mor...
A few years ago when the real estate market was booming in Orlando, properties were not on the market for long.  In fact in some instances properties were sold within hours of being listed.  Unfortunately this cannot be said for the market today.  It has become even more important for homeowners ...

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