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So the home you're selling or buying has a pool or spa...Who cares right?  A pool is a personal preference. Some love them, some loathe them.  Either way, you sell homes with and without pools every day.  Sometimes they have safety equipment, many times they do not.  Is there something you're mis...
Lawsuits seem to be inevitable... Research shows there are 5 steps you can take to help avoid them.#1.  When representing a seller, get a "Sellers Coverage" home warranty. They are pretty affordable and can be paid for through escrow. The cost is calculated on a daily basis from the day you order...
Seems like we have been seeing headlines like this in the current market. Why is that?Is the market actually swinging up by $400K in one month? Are people really paying that amount over asking? Are houses even appraising?Let me see if I can break it down just a bit. 15-20 years ago, when Sellers ...
Ask this question, and you will get a variety of answers.  So it really depends on who you ask.  The three types of markets that economists talk about are buyer, seller, and transitional markets.The idea behind the answer comes from how many days/months of supply any given area has.  This is calc...
I was reading the San Jose Mercury News the other day.  Well, not an actual newspaper, but the online real estate section.  An article caught my eye...Instead of a news story about states or cities that have booming real estate markets, it was hyper-local forecast by Redfin.  It talked about whic...
Beginning your home search can feel like a completely overwhelming and daunting task.At Live Play Silicon Valley, we want you and other potential buyers to understand the steps we take to make the process as easy and painless as possible. By the end, with our support and guidance, you will live h...
The San Jose Mercury News (In the heart of Silicon Valley), is showing that San Jose will be the nations hottest market in 2018 based on a Zillow report.  They believe we will see an increase in values of about 8.9%.  San Francisco to show 3.8%. So why are the prices going up up up?  Talk to 10 e...
If you are considering selling your home, don't leave money on the table! I've compiled a list of things to consider doing to ensure you get top dollar for your home in this ultra competitive market.  Paint.  Adding paint helps to neutralize odors, and cover any blemishes. It gives a finished loo...
Ironic, huh?  You tell your real estate agent that you want to sell as-is.  You tell your agent that you are not interested in doing any repairs or alterations to the home you are selling.  You want the buyer to take care of anything that is needed to be done, as you are ready to move on.  You de...
Yeah, it's me...  I'm calling again...I know, I know. I called you already like 5 times this year.  I might have even texted you, or maybe even emailed you.  I suppose that I maaaaaay have sent you some information from the MLS.  I might have even sent you a video email with some pertenant info, ...

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