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The Difference a Day MakesThere is a lot of talk about the joy today, the last day of 2020, is bringing.  The reality is that the first day of 2021 is going to be more of the same.  Nothing changes except the date we will be filling into offers, checks and seeing on our calendars.  While it is a ...
And She Said it Was Simply "Too Many"Last year I had a moment in our office bull pen with a colleague who may be confused for Debbie Downer.  I was chatting with my mentee and another agent about my goal for 2019.  At the time, it was 30 houses.  My menteee and the other colleague, who were in fa...
Snow Days are Still Snow DaysDespite what the now virtual attendance, that I like to refer to as "Zoom school," being mandatory since the pandemic darkened our doors, snow days are still snow days.  Prince William County Public Schools, with the forecast of snow on December 16, 2020 canceled VIRT...
"And This Was Our Starter Home!"Yesterday, after some lender delay drama, my listing at 10646 Maple Street in Fairfax City closed.  It sold above list price after it had been through four offers.The seller signed a week in advance, and when the signing was done and title rep had gone to make copi...
Doing Right By Your Sellers Without Jacking Around Cooperating AgentsYesterday I got news that my buyer-clients, who had submitted an offer in a multiple offer scenario, had lost out.  Not a shock. In the area they were looking, there were only two homes on the market in their price range.  And I...
Being a Good NeighborToday started out partaking in an unusual activity.  I attended the virtual funeral for my former neighbor and friend, Gary C. Mullen.  My husband, James, someone who met Gary and the rest of my childhood neighbors only briefly during our wedding reception, sat behind me pret...
If You Are Going to Stage...If there is one thing you need to know about me, I am a stickler for details.  That attention to detail is what I bring to my sellers before we list their homes.  Things that incongruous, eye sores, or just dirty need to be dealt with before staging with furniture item...
Working with What I've Already UploadedAt the moment, I am fighting frustration on top of what was already a dip into depression.  The holidays are emotional.  They bring some great memories, and some not so great memories.  They bring the chance to celebrate with friends and family....but wait, ...
When a Buyer Finds "The One," There is No Stopping ThemThe year 2020 has been one of the most intense seller's markets ever.  In fact, having been licened since 2005, I can honestly say, I have never seen another market like this one.  The demand for housing is out of control.  Sellers were reluc...
A Very Cheap Insurance Policy for Every Listing AgentYesterday I was reminded of why I insist on making duplicate key copies for my listings.  Obviously, I always get a copy for the lockbox, but I also make a copy to keep at my desk.  When sellers ask why, I tell them that the minute I don't make...

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