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Is It a Sign?In my life, I pay attention to the things around me constantly.  When a turtle crossed my path twice in one extremely hectic day, I took it as a sign to slow down.  The other day, I was going about my regular morning chore of emptying the litter boxes.  This is not a task that ever b...
Stocking the ShelvesWhat better time than the first month of the year to stock the shelves of the MLS with fresh properties for sales?   Without question there are many sellers that think the ideal time to list their home is spring.  And many still think late spring, when school is about to be ou...
Braemar Townhouse Report:  November-December 2016What a week it has been!  I feel like it's May and I haven't seen my husband or talked to my friends in days.  That's what happens when buyers and sellers come back out of hibernation.  Even though we still have some winter ahead of us, the activit...
Braemar Property Values:  November-December 2016 (Ryan Homes)With all the real estate activity I am seeing, it feels like spring.   The only problem we are experiencing is a lack of inventory to accommodate the buyers looking to make Braemar their home.  Maybe you are about to read this Braemar P...
Braemar Property Values:  November-December 2016 (NV Homes)Tuesdays that feel like Mondays, following a three day weekend, always throw me off.  I'll feel like I am playing catch up all week on my paperwork, and believe me, there is a lot of in the world of real estate.  And then there are my mar...
Getting Advice From Your Real Estate Agent and Putting It Into ActionMeeting with home owners who want to sell can be unsettling for agents that may have a tendency to beat around the bush about what needs to get done to get the maximum amount of money out of the upcoming sale.  The easy part is ...
Braemar Property Values:  November-December 2016 (Heritage Series)Working as a Bristow Real Estate Agent, I rarely even think about a three day weekend.  A lot of residents of Braemar will have off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I'll start my morning with a meeting in Manass...
Braemar Property Values:  November-December 2016 (Courtyard Series)Ever wonder what the difference between the words mostly and mainly would be in a weather forecast?  At this every moment, I am.  Just checked Accuweather for the Bristow forecast.  I'm trying to find the next sunny day so I can t...
Braemar Property Values:  November-December 2016 (Carriage Series)It is time for another Braemar Property Value Report.  This one focuses on the sales activity during the last two months of 2016 for Carriage Series homes in Braemar.  Braemar Carriage homes are characterized by the lack of an atta...
What Did the Seller Pay for the Home?Who knows why buyers think this question is relevant, but it seems to come up with somewhat regular frequency when a buyer wants to write an offer on a home."How much did the seller pay for it?"Sometimes I just answer the question.  Sometimes I ask them why th...

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