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Ongoing discussion of the Marin rental market from Broker Christopher Barrow - one of the county's only focused (and local!)rental property brokers.



When you Google “seeking the best professional,” in about a half a second you are presented with 403 million candidates (not to play favorites, SearchEngineWise, when you ask Bing the same thing, it gives you a mere 62.6 million…which might actually prove more useful, since it would only take you...
You would think the outside competition for Marin foreclosure bargains might have up and disappeared by now…but no! As The Wall Street Journal described it last week, the shrinking number of foreclosure opportunities hasn’t driven Wall Street’s professional investors completely out of the market....
As most Mill Valley homeowners would agree, buying a house is dissimilar from any other kind of shopping—and that’s not just because of the price tag. When you set out to shop for most everyday items, you usually pick which store you’ll visit first, then survey what they have to offer. If the goo...
It may not be the first factor you look at when you begin planning to buy a Greenbrae house, but unless you are in the rare position of being able to make an all-cash purchase, sooner or later your credit score will become a prominent factor. That’s why this month’s get-together in Washington hel...
Residential sales in Mill Valley—in fact, all real estate dealings anywhere—remain the most local of commercial transactions. If your house is in San Francisco, a price spike in suburban Newark is probably of little interest, unless you plan on moving anytime soon. Even so, the new projection for...
Since Marin home interest rates continue to play such a leading role for buyers in today’s real estate market, any relevant news items bear watching. For quite a while, home interest rates Marin have cooperated nicely, dwelling at tantalizingly low levels. It’s been helpful to sellers and buyers ...
When you find yourself poised on the brink of any new real estate venture, there’s no more important initial step than seeking out a great Marin Realtor® to round out your team. Without even thinking about it, everyone automatically knows that they want a real estate professional with the technic...
When the first spring day comes along (as opposed to the first day of spring), a goodly proportion of Marin’s residents feel the annual pull toward the garden store aisles. Even those who’ve stoutly resisted ordering seeds, gardening tools, or any of the other back yard paraphernalia the catalogs...

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Ongoing discussion of the San Francisco and Marin rental market from Broker Christopher Barrow - one of the county's only focused (and local!)rental property brokers.