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Start the week off with a wrap up of the weekend news, brough to you by Housing Wire. Topics include: MERS chairman resigns The government extends decision on GSEs (Freddie and Fannie) until mid FEB More banks are closed http://bit.ly/gRz4gE  
Once again, much of the nation is experiencing an influx of young, local homebuyers that are attracted by the declining values in the housing market. This article refers specifically to the Reno, NV area but I am seeing the same thing in Maricopa AZ. One interesting point the author brings up is ...
I have a hard time feeling sorry for these guys because, in many cases, it was their greed that helped fuel the housing market collapse in the first place. In addition, let's take a look at the folks making the loans. Many of them weren't even verifying income. You think gave a rat's ... about wh...
Maricopa Arizona Home Report - 17JAN Weekly Housing Report Here are the new numbers and my take on them. ACTIVE: 784, down from prior week of 796. The wait for the release of pent up lender inventory continues. With the number of new listings remaining relatively steady,very strong buyer activity...
This aricle does offer a lot of surprises but it underlines the reason the home sales in Maricopa Arizona have been brisk. The abundance of short sales and foreclosures have fueled a buying sree that reminds of of the boom years of 2003 - 2005. During those years, homebuyers turned their attentio...
Now they have done it! It bad enough that the lenders and servicers don't care about the average citizen but now they are picking on our military families??!! What a mess! As much as I am against government involvement in most anything, it appears that it's time for them to step in. The lenders h...
This weekly artcile, brought to you by Housing Wire, reviews the news from the weekend. There was not a lot of things going on this past weekend. Of note is that rents fell in 60 % of the markets across the U.S. The article goes on to say that it appears it is a renter's market, paticularly those...
This article predicts, as expected, that there will be over 1.2 million foreclosures in 2011. This would break the record of 1 million in 2010. It also points out that more than half of the foreclosures in 2010 came from the states of California, Florida, Arizona, Illinois and Michigan. Since I l...
Because I live in Maricopa Arizona, which is in a non judicial state, I knew that this was happening. Inventory of available homes fell almost 20% in the third quester of 2010. This article also breaks it down according to some of the major lenders and mentions that RealtyTrac estimates that abou...
Fedreal Reserve chairman Beb Benanke said, in theis article, that reducing the dominance of GSEs in vital to a recovery in the housing market. The Obama administration is expected to release it's recommendations on the future of these two giants soon but don't hold your breath. I'm not sure that ...

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