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Some days Web 2.0 is female dog, haha. just released on their site that you can pull house values, nice!  Oh wait, you click on a state and a little pop-up bubble tells you the average sales price for the whole state, well that doesn't help. A few months back I met with a ...
01/06/2009 NOTHING!  Glad I'm paying a flat fee for it, or that other people in my office are paying as much as $0.99 after they send more than 200 in one month. For some of us, this type of information is useless, however for me this is upsetting because I text A LOT...
I always try to keep my clients and blog readers as informed as possible, and with a full year on the books I thought I'd go back and take a look at the Western Montana market in some general terms so we can see how things have been.  All of this data I retrieved from the Missoula Organization of...
I saw another blog on this and it got me to wondering... forgive me for this broken and somewhat long post, but I'm starting to wonder if our good buddies at Zillow are trying to do what they can to stir up more of a media frenzy. I'm in Montana, which does not disclose sales data as public infor...
01/05/2009 So... Hyundai will buy back your car if you lose your job, I saw this ad on TV yesterday watching the playoffs.  Apparently they found this method works much better than incentives or rebates that we see comp...
Last Thursday - Friday was the 3rd annual New West: Real Estate Development in the North West.  The event featured a Thursday schedule that was based around a lot of political issues, land-use, and marketing trends.  Friday was a lot more economic talk, there was some discussion with developers, ...
Not newsworthy, but funny, I guess.  Today I put together a list of houses in our MLS that are listed as either short-sale (selling for less than what's owed on the house), or foreclosure properties.  There were a handful, 29 out 280 in the price range of $200,000 - $300,000.  However about every...
01/05/2009 So this article just came out today, listing the current amount of homes in Montana with mortgages that are listed as 60-days late or worse in the 3rd quarter this year.  There's some very interesting info, some quick points to the arti...
Just last week Dr. Larry Swanson an economist with The Center for the Rocky Mountain West did a mass presentation about the Montana economy, how it's doing, and where it's headed.  There was also a panel of speakers there, the president of the Home Builders Assoc, our Realtor board President, a H...
I've really only posted on my office page, I'll copy and paste my posts on here, today I'll get some of my most recent blogs up.    

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