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    A fierce gust of wind blew 45-year-old Vittorio Luise's car into a river near Naples, Italy in 1983. He managed to break out a window, climb out, and swim to shore -- where a tree blew over and killed him. Walter Hallas, a 26-year-old store clerk in Leeds, England was so afraid of dentists th...
  Some people mistakenly believe that once trust is lost, it’s gone forever. Not true. People rebuild their trust all the time. Everyone makes mistakes and people change and improve. You might not trust your alcoholic friend when he’s drunk, but if he has been sober for 2 years and hasn’t messed ...
  For every successful person, there is a big why that kept them focused on their ultimate goal. Joe Stumpf a great Real Estate Coach who started “By Referral Only” decided he would always have an abundance of money after he had a traumatic experience at age 21. He was supposed to take his little...
    Tomorrow becomes never! DO NOT start an exercise plan next Monday, DO NOT wait until you have enough money in the bank, and do not let a motivating idea pass without taking immediate action. If you decided that you want to get in shape, drop where you are and do some crunches or pushups or st...
  Right now rate your personal motivation (about life in general) on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest. What’s your number? If you said 8 or higher, then you probably recently went to a motivational seminar, saw a motivating video or movie, or you have just started something new & exciting li...
  I've been making dream boards for years now. It's a fun way to break the monotony of the usual routine. It's like when you were in grade school and the class broke into arts and crafts and you got excited, then bummed when it was time to clean up and start another "real" subject. With dream boa...
    If you haven’t heard the story of the Big Rock, small rocks pebbles and sand in a jar, the idea is: if you put the sand first, then the pebbles then the small rocks, the big rock doesn’t fit. However if you put the Big rock first, all the other rocks fit plus, when you pour the sand in, it fi...
    “And it’s Happening to Married Couples all Over San Diego County!”   Newlyweds Maggie & Jr., had never owned a home and didn’t think they would anytime soon. The wanted to get a place of their own, and were dreading having to pay rent. They wanted to stay conservative with their monthly payme...
  The Racuya Family  were able to use their VA loan to buy a 4 Bed 4 Bath Condo only after I went through the process of getting the entire 387 units VA approved to make it possible. Well, they were ready to sell the Beautiful condo and buy a House, but in order to get the money they needed to ma...
  I have a friend who invests in real estate. After selling one of his condos for top dollar, he wanted to invest in a rental with a good return. He wanted to stay under $100,000 and he wanted it in a decent neighborhood that was a strong rental area. As if that wasn’t enough, he wanted a garage ...

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