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Being a WIFE and REALTOR and continually working in today's current Real Estate market, somehow I think he can't see the forest for the trees. Realizing that no matter what type market conditions if your going to stay on top you have to put in "your time". I think some times he feels that because...
Wow, it's been quite a week. Business is good for a change and just been taking care of business like the norm. Then I get a call from my best friend from Florida asking me to sit while she proceeds to tell me she went to the Doctor this last week (which I knew that, but not all the specifics) an...
Yes, when it comes to listing and selling your own personal home. It's very simple to be the professional that you are and go in and recommend improvements and corrections on another persons home, after all, it's your job..... But when your selling your own home it seems to have a different persp...
Seems like the latter of the two lately for me. It's either feast or famine. Currently things are busy and of course nothing ever goes as planned. I have "been to classes" and "read articles" on time management but time just seems to slip away. (guess I don't move and think fast enough in my old ...
Since moving to beautiful South Carolina a few years ago this term came up not too long after my arrival in a conversation with some "South Carolinians". Seems if your a Yankee (the North) from birth AND you move to lovely Florida at some point in time and THEN... you leave and decide to move to ...
A wonderful weekend drive. Well, I didn't start quite from Ashville, slightly south, Spartanburg to be exact. My point is, that I couldn't believe the beautiful drive on Route 40. This was the first time to experience a drive on this roadway. The hills and mountains and all the curves, WOW!!! The...
Well, Here I was, busy as a Bee today, (and just drove back from Nashville, Tennessee) all hyped up about creating my third blog since I became a new member and classfied as a "Newbie". Took some time to read several blogs and then put some extra effort into creating what I thought was a worth wh...
I'm sooooo excited!!!! Can't believe that I waited so long to sign up and become a member of ActiveRain. A fellow agent friend of mine mentioned this to me ages ago I glanced at the site and moved on. (guess I just wasn't ready). I have literally spent the last two days with every extra minute I ...
Well, here it is. New home buyer prospects moving into town. (107degrees outside.) They are traveling from Florida. A wonderful family with 4 children. I have found them temporary housing, a rental home for the time being. They are all excited about moving to Spartanburg South Carolina. Expecting...
This is my first blog in training class. This is a random photo. Montvale Fire Dept should be gracious. .....Nance Nance Burdette Keller Williams Realty 245 East Blackstock Road Spartanburg, SC 29301 864-580-9604  

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