Home sales in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) were up again year-over-year for the fourth month in a row. Our Members made 10,563 sales as reported through the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board’s MLS® System in October 2020. This was up by  ... click here to continue reading.  
The current state of the real estate market in Canada! Lack of knowledge and real information is the biggest obstacle to moving ahead in the world of real estate.No questions is too silly or simple to ask. Call 905-821-3200 now or email for an informal email exchange or a casual c...
A Snapshot of the 2020 June Toronto Real Estate Market, with numbers from The Toronto Real Estate Board.The TANteam, The Preferred Way To Do Real Estate!    
The most established and affluent has attributed their net success by demonstrating one of the few things in common. It’s called Wealth Creation and Management through Real Estate. It is not really a secret, however it is surprising how many people dismisses this as a legitimate vehicle of wealth...
Another good start to the new year, just over three months into 2016 and not surprising too...I am already ahead of my sales for 2015. After all these years of consistent and faithful follow ups with mails, emails, news letters etc... I am consistently getting more calls and referrals than in 20...
A good start to the new year, just over two months into 2015 and many an expected surprise too... After all these years of consistent and faithful follow ups with mails, emails, news letters etc... I am getting more calls than in 2014 from the contacts that I have been keeping in touch.   Most of...
Are you always worrying on how much is your house worth? Oil price plummeting down? Jobless rates is high?... Never mind about all the negative (or even positive) news that are churn out daily by local and world events around us.  The ultimate and the only biggest threat to all housing market in ...
"Homes prices are high and buyers should wait for a correction!" cries the headlines. My response to the above (and to anyone who asked, "should I buy now?") would actually be another question? Are you currently in the market and actively buying (or looking for) a home? Interestingly, most of the...

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