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Caught this post and it is great information on HOME buying at this time.  Although Gabe is in Florida, it applies to the Greater Sacramento area as well.  If the experts are looking to buy a HOME for themselves at this time, those who are looking for the first time should use this simple formula...
What's happening in the area? Oh boy, are the holiday events starting up!!!! Here's what's going on for the weekend in Placer County and environs. (I know $64,000.00 word, there will be a test.) Anyway, here goes: November 20 - November 22:Auburn Ca. is hosting the 2009 Mandarin Mountin Festival ...
Want a Latte? 3 of 10 Great Coffee and Dessert Houses in Placer County I love my lattes! That creamy foam on top of espresso laced with milk, mmmmm, wonderful on a cold afternoon in a great coffee house. That’s why I started a search for 10 great coffee places in south Placer county, (close to Ro...
We are moving!!! Those three words can strike terror in the hearts of even the most organized and calm people. Especially when there are only two and a half weeks to plan and execute the move.  It started in the middle of May with a career change for my husband.  He had an opportunity in the Sac...
Okay so it is after Independence Day, but I have been thinking about this past weekend and how much fun my family and I had enjoying the celebration.  From a picnic on Saturday afternoon to the evening events it was a great weekend. What is more fun then watching fireworks in your hometown?  Eve...
That sounds really boring doesn't, Organization 101?  Well, I have been thinking about my first time buyers, short sales, REOs and the need to explain how all the timelines work. I currently have a buyer of a short sale who has become testy. The offer was made in March, we have been waiting for a...
Well, it is spring in Simi Valley.  The trees are in full bloom (here come the allergies), skies are blue, it's the ideal tempurature and daylight savings time means kids outside playing longer, evening bike rides and dog walks.Along with spring comes the time to spruce up your house.  After a Ca...
I have to say I am getting so tired of the pessimistic real estate articles in the local newspapers.  It seems that every day there is another article about sub-prime fallout, more foreclosures, people losing their houses/retirement/investment due to overextending.  Is there any good news out the...
Well, this is my first blog ever.  I thought I should start with my new career as a Realtor in the California Real Estate Market.  I know, Iknow, everyone keeps telling me the market is very tough, especially in CA where the prices are still high, BUT what better time to learn the business?  All ...

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