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McAfee anti-virus program goes berserk, freezes PCs. Saw this article on Yahoo this morning and thought it might be a good thing to pass on.   McAfee posted an update that mis-identified a Windows OS file as a virus and deleted it. Once this is done, the PC reboots repeatedly.  McAfee quickly pos...
The Windmill Club in Howell, NJ is a condominium complex of about 380 units total. It is located in the Southwest section of Howell Township not far off Route 9.Reach our Association Manager, Daisy, at 732-780-8964.Unit types include: attached ranch style 2 bedroom units; attached two story 2 & 3...
3 Cheers for AAA, Brick-Howell Towing and PepBoys of Howell, NJ It's a Thursday night and I am to meet a group for a meeting. The snow and sleet are being blown by 30+mph gusts and we're all a bit surprised the meeting is not postponed, but driving isn't really that bad (apparently everybody else...
RainCamp NYC: a day of ‘firsts'.  •  The morning weather seemed to set the stage. It is 6am, the air is crisp and fresh, and I am standing in the dark awaiting the bus from Howell, NJ. to the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) in New York City. Traffic is already starting to build. I am excited ...

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