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Once you have yourself set up on more than one social networking site, it can be difficult to try to stay in contact with all of them unless they are connected. will help you connect them . Read more here:
If you don't already use social media to grow your network it can be quite overwhelming.  Even looking at one site like facebook can seem like an insurmountable task.  I teach classes to realtors and other small business owners on how to use social media.  This is my best advice: take baby steps....
This was in the AJC last week.  Interesting housing stats. This morning’s AJC published a graph of home values in Atlanta from 2000 through 2008. The headline was that prices dropped 11.2% in 2008. The REAL STORY, as illustrated by their graph, is that home values are up nearly 17% since 2000. Pe...
My wife and I went to go car shopping today.  We need to find an inexpensive car for my two teens.  I don't usually name a company if what I have to say is negative, but I don't want others to have the same experience.  Gwinnett Place Ford advertised great prices on used cars and then if you boug...
   There are countless numbers of books and other media out that tell you how to sale what you've got.  Everyone seems to have a shortcut that will lead to the BIGGEST RESULTS EVER, in only 5 minutes.        Here's a secret: there is no secret.  It's about people.  If you approach your potential ...
There are many systems in our homes that many of us just forget about until they stop working.  Once that happens it can be very costly to repair.  Your water heater is one of the big ones.  If you water heater springs a leak it can cost thousands, depending on where it's located.  Here are few i...
Have you noticed that your clothes dryer isn't drying as fast anymore? Or maybe your dryer is to the point that it takes two cycles to dry the towels. You may not need a new dryer. Many people don't realize that some dryer lint will still make it past the lint screen and collect in the vent syste...
If you want to make a true connection with your network on the social media sites you have to do more than just update your status or look at what other people are doing. You have to interact. One way you can do that is by paying attention to peoples birthdays or anniversaries. Most of the people...
I'm a home inspector in metro Atlanta. That means that unless I'm at an inspection, I'm usually alone. Most of my contact comes through social media sites like Facebook etc. The question becomes how do I really connect to other people on a personal level. One way is to practice listening as you r...
The new technologies that we have today are amazing. I don't think anyone can argue against that. There is a downside though. The human connection can get lost in email, text messages, and social media sites. I personally watched my teen daughter and her friend set next to each other and never sp...

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