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  Hootsuite is a tool for your twitter account that has a lot of function.  Here are a few of the things you can do: 1. Update your twitter status 2. Schedule a tweet for later 3. Feed your blog to twitter 4. Send your status update to thru hootsuite 5. Update multiple twitter accounts fr...
This is info about the rules from Dekalb county that affect sell/purchase of a house.  Most of you have probably seen this already, but it's worth revisiting.  It is not something I have been asked to do yet. I found this on ASHI Georgia's website.  read more here.....
One of the ways to build relationships with other people is by sharing our own interests.  That way we find common ground with the people around us.  Social media sites offer several ways to do this, and I find more everyday.  read more here...
Here's another useful tool for twitter.  I learned about it last week while I was at REtechSouth from@nik_nik. There are so many tools available for twitter that it's a little overwhelming.  I find it is most helpful to me if I just try a couple of tools per week.  I see what works for me and wha...
I'm a big believer in working the basics and the rest will take care of itself.  Too many times it's easy to get caught up in the latest system for getting business or closing the sale, or whatever you're trying to accomplish.  I go the other direction and adhere to the 'slow and steady wins the ...
I am a home inspector in Georgia but I'm originally from Indiana.  We don't get much snow in GA but we may have some tomorrow. It will be a good time to see how well insulated your attic is.  read more here...
 As I talk to people about social media and how to use it for friends and business, I always have at least one person in a group that believes that using Facebook is career suicide  read more here...........
I don't see it alot but I do see some people who don't use a picture on their social media sites.  Some have just overlooked it and some are apprehensive about someone seeing their picture. read more here....
I am a home inspector in metro Atlanta.  I occasionally have the opportunity to do a home inspection for a seller to help them get ready to sell their home.  Seller's or pre-listing inspections can be great selling tools for the homeowner.   Read more here: http://gahomei...
Many times when buying a foreclosure it's can be difficult to get the utilities on for your inspection.  It is very important though,  the house can be inspected without all of the more here:

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