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What should you blog about? Unfortunately, I run into writers block quite often when it comes to blogging. Most of it is caused by me. I get too wrapped up in trying to think about what I should write about that I write nothing at all. (Still trying to figure it out). I did a search this morning...
Think your bathroom is too small and you can't fit everything in? Think again. I found this brilliant(sarcasm implied) remodel at a recent home inspection. The bath was too small to fit both a toilet and a shower. What's the solution? Combine them of course! Brodie Georgia Home Inspector
t hasn't happened very often, but a few times I have been asked to give a recommendation on Linkedin for someone that I really don't know. I have connected to them, usually through mutual connections, but that's the extent of our relationship. They are a name in a list. Don't do this to the peopl...
I found this ingenious setup between some townhouses.  Inside the grate is a sump pump.  All of the surrounding yards drain to this pump.  What's in the bag you ask?  It wasn't always in a bag.  Originally it was an electrical outlet that had been run across the ground and laid on top of the grat...
When I first started using Twitter I really liked it, once I understood it. But something has changed. Most of the tweets that I see are just advertisements. It used to be real people talking about real things and now its a bunch of Internet marketers talking about how to get 1000 followers in a ...
I recently ended my cell service with Sprint. I had been with them for 10yrs, initially with Nextel before the merger. My wife worked for them until 2007 and even after she left them, we still got awesome pricing on our phones and plans. Basically, I got a price that no other carrier could beat....
I''ve seen a lot of weird things during inspections. Most of the weird are home owners creative ideas when it comes to fixing things around the house. Luckily, I can still be surprised. Look at the picture to the right. See the fuzz on the wood grate in the fireplace? That's dryer lint. The home...
Would you like to schedule an email for later using your regular email account? Lettermelater allows you to schedule an email for later using the site or your own email account. Up to 30 emails per month can be sent for free. They also offer an upgraded account that gives you more emails, etc. Yo...
I'm going to keep this one very short. I've been in some kind of sales for 8 years now, and I've seen all kinds of gimmicks to try to garner business. Free this, free that and so on. I must admit that I've tried a few with limited success at best. Most of the time it was a waste of time and energ...
Saving Energy :1) Plant deciduous shade trees on south and west side of house. 2) Close all doors and vents in rooms not in use.3) Install whole house fan to draw in cool evening air. 4) Exchange traditional light bulbs for fluorescents. 5) Install storm doors on all exterior doors.6) Check, and ...

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