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Have you ever been on your PDA and needed to visit a website only to find the site looks strange on the screen?  Well, it is probably because the site has not gone mobile! Get on your PDA and view my mobi website - http://kimhughes.mobiThe first order of business is to secure a domain name with a...
Flip Video Camcorder - COOL TOOL$20.00 coupon TODAY!Ok, I have heard of this new camcorder, but was not interested.  Seen one Seen them all, right?  WRONG!  You have got to get this great tool for your business.  I bought one to play with and I love it!  It is easy to use, easy to plug into my co...
If you are a customer of Advanced Access you are aware that the entire company is down due to a "power failure".  Here is the link to their blog on Active Rain. to go into all the problems this is causing for their customers, but w...
 Looking for a way to make contact with past clients?Postage is increasing on May 14th.  This would be a great time to make contact with your past clients by offering them a sheet of 2 cent stamps.They will remember this one for sure and what a great way to say thanks for their business.  
Exciting Announcement!For the Realtors that will be attending this year's NAR conference in Las Vegas, NV - Make a note to come by and visit - We will have the top real estate virtual assistants available to discuss how a real estate virtual assistant can assist you in your business...
As we build our businesses in today's world it is imperative that you do it right, so with the help of the US Small Business Administration you can take a class on how to write a business plan, register your company and learn how to deal with the tax details of running your business. How do you t...
If you own an iPod, Mac or anything else that has the Apple name and are needing some help in learning how to use those items then you might be in luck!If you have an Apple store in your area give them a call to see what FREE classes they offer and their schedule.  The word on the street is they ...
My brother sent me an email this evening that I found quite interesting.  Nope, not pictures of the kids or jokes this time.  I was quite impressed with this email. This particular email was from the author of a Blog and his analysis of Top 20 Websites - His analysis of where most people visit wh...
If you have a website you should be receiving leads, right?  You would be surprised at how many REALTORS I talk to that do not have any leads and they do not know why or have them but do not know what to do with them.  I always ask them first if they have had their website submitted to the search...
Most people consider January 1st to be the first day of the new year, not me!  I consider the 4th Monday of January the new year.  No I am not crazy or maybe I am. As the Director of Operations for Allen F. Hainge Seminars and the Summit Director I find myself really not ready to begin the new ye...


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