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As a life time Brooklynite I have seen times change, but not always for the best.  Consider the change we’ve seen in attitudes toward Brooklyn real estate over the last few decades. Brooklyn Home Owners used to love their homes because they were their safe havens.  Many now only worry about whet...
  House flipping is still a profitable way to invest in Brooklyn Real Estate , if you know what you’re doing. I’m going to share one of the biggest mistakes prospective home flippers make and how to avoid it. Choosing the Wrong Brooklyn Real Estate to Flip Nothing will make your venture into the ...
This is a QR Code. Can You Read This ? Today I have been reading about the next app that is being used around town QR codes. As you know I am a Brooklyn real estate agent that like to stay ahead of the curve. I have a question to ask ! Are QR TAGS HERE TO STAY?  Do we like them for real estate ma...
  If you’re hoping to sell your Brooklyn real estate in 2011, make some New Year’s resolutions to help the process along.   Resolve to: 1.      Interview and get a comparative marketing analysis (CMA) from at least three agents from three different Brooklyn real estate agencies.  Each agent has a...
This is the last "Good Morning" shout out for 2010! Brooklyn Real Estate Blog thanks all out there for your friendship,love and support. Moving into 2011 I wish all, blessings for health,happiness and prosperity . May God Bless All! As a good friend has always said to me, Peace Out my friends.
To find the perfect holiday gifts for new home owners, consider gifts that will keep on giving efficiency, convenience and luxury for years to come.  To help with your shopping, here’s my list of seven great holiday gifts for new  home owners: 1.      Gift card to a local home store.  This is th...
  Unfortunately, the winter holidays are peak times for thieves and burglars.  Not only are burglaries of homes at their highest during the darkest months of the year, there’s also the added temptation of unoccupied homes full of expensive gifts. A recent survey found that 39% of homeowners leave...
  There is no simple way to discover which home-improvement projects will yield the highest return when you’re ready to sell your home. There are many variables that come into play such as the state of the real estate market when you put your  home up for sale, how old your home is, and the style...
  If you want to freshen up your  home’s kitchen, redoing the countertops might be a good choice.  It’s quick and easy to install new laminate, and you’ll have almost limitless styles to choose from.  Here’s how to install new laminate on your kitchen countertop:   Measure Countertop Measure your...

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