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Reverse mortgages are a popular option for homeowners who are 62 years of age and older and need additional income.  Credit scores and income are not part of the qualification process for a reverse mortgage, so they’re fairly easy to get. But is a reverse mortgage right for you, your parents or ...
  Have you ever heard of the 203k rehab loans offered through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA)?  If you’re rehabbing Brooklyn New York homes, it might be just the loan you need.   What is a 203(k) Loan? The FHA developed the 203(k) program to help revitalize homes throughout the country. ...
Staying green while moving isn’t easy.  In fact, moving expends a lot of energy.  Think about the massive amount of gas those big trucks go through, the toxic cleaning products people use on both their old and new Brooklyn homes and all those cardboard boxes that are overflowing our landfills. Yo...
Some basements are dark and dingy, while others are bright and beautiful.  Whether you want to start enjoying the extra space your basement offers or you’re preparing to sell Brooklyn New York home, here are some options to make the most of your home’s basement.   1.      Think big.  You can tran...
The ongoing debate as to whether selling your Brooklyn New York real estate is better as a FSBO or with the help of a REALTOR® just got some new ammunition.  The new survey supports past findings that using a REALTOR® is more beneficial to Brooklyn New York real estate sellers. The survey, conduc...
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  Ideally, to make a room light and bright you want a lot of large windows that let in natural light. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have large windows in every room of our Brooklyn NY homes.  So, what do we do to brighten those dark rooms? Increase Natural Light If a room has one large window, ...
View RSS feed close [x]  If you watch television, read magazines or surf the net, you’ve probably seen ads for reverse mortgages.  Those ads don’t provide many details, so here are the basics you need to know about reverse mortgages. Are you eligible for a reverse mortgage on your Brooklyn NY re...
  Considering selling a home 'by owner' has been a fairly consistent desire in the real estate market over the past few decades. Everyone wants to save a buck and some think they can save a lot of money by selling their homes by themselves.  But would you really save money by doing it yourself? T...

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