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Admit it. If you are amongst the "other" 50% of humanity, you've already blown off that New Year's resolution. If carrot sticks are still your snack of choice, or you continue to pop that nico-gum, then congratulations. There is only an 80% chance that you too, will drop off that well-intentioned...
I just received an e-mail from a good friend of mine, who happens to be in the real estate training business. She is based in Canada and the economic environment is headed in a southerly direction there also. She has always been very upbeat and positive, but this time I noted a slight bit of pess...
On this morning's Yahoo news headlines, there appeared an article, which read, "Hope For Home Buyers and Sellers in 2009." Within the clip were four or five reasons why it would be a good time to buy soon. Nothing that you and I haven't heard before--interest rates are good, inventory will drop, ...
It's that tweener time of year. Yes, the obligatory week between Christmas and New Years. At this stage of the real estate game, almost everyone is in a struggle to make a living. Combine that with the once liberating life of self employment, and it can be downright scary at times. In years past,...
Elvis could sing. Tiger Woods swings a mean 9-iron. No doubt, Mr. Obama can deliver a stirring speech. And if you are a Brit named Joanne (J.K.) Rowling, you can sure scribble a good story. What is the common thread here? Each of these high profile people started out as a crying, projectile vomit...
Yesterday, I opened two Christmas cards. Both were from vendors.  The first came from a local title company, which we do much business with. Pasted on the bulk-stamped envelope was a standard mailing label with my name and the brokerage typed in standard Arial font. The card was emblazoned with "...
Earlier this month I posted a blog on Active Rain, utilizing the same methods as always. The difference was, it contained about 1100 words. Needless to say, only a few people clicked to read it. I took said blog, tweaked and expanded it slightly and converted it to an article for Broker Agent New...
No doubt, we are in an historical moment. It seems every type of business is re-learning a new operating strategy. With less money coming in, it makes sense that less can go out. What does that mean? It's like this. You buy the book, 'Hawaii On $50 a Day," plan a seven day trip and bring $350 wit...
So far this week, I've talked to six agents about the benefits of writing a blog. All see the potential, yet the common objection was the time factor. I told each that it is about 10 - 15 minutes per day (or as often as you commit to writing the thing),  and you can pen it while you wait for that...
Recently at lunch, a friend asked why I bother to write a blog. After a short volley of debate that began with the advantages of Google rankings and then ended with, "So, has it made you  money?" I started to question it myself. As my friend pointed out, many of the "bloggers" on Active Rain and ...

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