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It’s a gorgeous Sunday in Paradise, California. The sun shines down through a light cloud smatter and the temperature will reach 80 a bit later. So many folks have downed their coffee and bagels, and are out and about. For those who seek a new home—some may scour the Internet for open houses, whi...
I do not like to read the mantras of other people, which is usually a long deceased third party's quote--fashioned to meet the mood of the day.  On the other hand, if I personally have a moment where it pops a plug in my sometimes ignorant brain, I will post and share. Today is that day. It is si...
Many years and round-the-clock paper mills are devoted to the protection of buyer rights in a real estate transaction. From endless seller disclosures to seeming novellas that shout out “Buyer beware!” it is a rare occasion when a professionally represented homebuyer can be snookered. Then, along...
Stop it! You’re making the rest of us look bad. Come on, you know who you are. Till now, you’ve “hidden out,” or gone on the lam, if you will. In the world of high standards and competency, you should be convicted and then sent to “Realtor® Correctional Center” for rehab. If that doesn’t do the t...
Like so many others on Monday morning, I’m caught in the stupor of awakening to a new week to fire up the engines and make things happen. Trouble with 2009 though, is much of the vim and vigor has all but disappeared from the real estate front. Sure, prices may have hit—or are close to bottom and...
Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001?  Life screeched to a halt, as we paid attention to the events of the day. No doubt, you were focused and engaged, though powerless to act. Where were you when you experienced that first kiss? When the youngest navigated the back yard with tho...
Sometimes Friday is akin to that childhood dinner plate. You've eaten the chicken, devoured the roll and butter, finished most of your mashed potatoes and now all that remain are the mushy cooled off peas. Mom says no dessert till my plate is clean—even if it takes all night. Will I get my desser...
“Unlock the secrets to untold wealth. Sell more real estate by saying these words at the exact time my book tells you to. After all, I sold a few houses back in the day—until I realized that snake oil…uh, er sharing the secrets to sales success was more profitable. Sure, its been a few years and ...
There’s a certain deli in New York that seems to have a never-ending stream of customers. To maintain order, a brusque “greeter” of sorts keeps an eye on the confused and lost patrons who happen to stumble by. His purpose is to hold the paying customers in line and weed out the curious browsers....
What’s your excuse? For not making your calls today? For not going on the MLS tour this week? For not following through with that professional certification? For not intensely learning how to sell distressed properties? For not reading that book? For not asking your broker how to better yourself?...

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