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A professional property manager can help you avoid the cost and legal pitfalls of managing an investment property. By hiring a management company you don't have to worry or spend any time with the property. They manage the day-to-day operation; they locate and screen tenants, handle any collectio...
When rehabbing an investment property you need to determine first what are you going to do with the property? If you are holding to use as a rental the rehab is far less than it would be if you are rehabbing to sell the property for an instant profit. When rehabbing a rental property you do not w...
5 Tips to selling your home in a buyers market! The condition of the real estate market has rapidly changed from a sellers market, where buyers were fighting over homes and submitting offers above list price, to a buyers market where the right pricing now plays a very important role in getting yo...
It appears the government once again will get involved in the private sector by bailing out the mortgage industry. How will this affect the current market? Only time will tell, we will have to wait for the smoke to clear and find the good in the bad. From every bad situation comes something good....
Foreclosure pending, divorce, job transfer, distressed property whatever the reason many homeowners find themselves upside down owing more than the home is currently worth when closing costs are factored in. What are your options in this time of trouble? One may be a short sale! What is a short s...
Court Appointed receivership is a person appointed by a court administrator to take into custody the property or funds of others, pending litigation. Operate the property and protecting the asset while the litigation works it way thru the court. Receivership Broadstone Management plays an extensi...

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Jim Pusateri records weekly a podcast and writes a blog recapping the week of Real Estate, Renovation and Investment news and information. Jim also has a podcast (CD) series of recordings, that provide common sense advice for the locating, purchasing, rehabbing, managing and selling of distressed properties. (Foreclosures, under-valued)