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This blog centers around the adventures and observations of experienced stager, Juliet Johnson, who has specialized in the luxury real estate market of North Central New Jersey for the last 8 years and is now located in Jacksonville, FL. Along the way, I've picked up ton of tips about relocating, since I've now moved 3 times in 3 years, and a fair amount of skill in web based marketing and local SEO. I now offer online visibility training and social media management to small businesses, realtors and home sellers throughout the US.
Christine Rae is lovely to listen to. More than her dulcet tones and pretty demeanor... and her deelaightful English accent... it's the plain-speaking wisdom she dispenses, freely and kindly, to all. We asked her to apply her inimitable brand of clarity to the topic: how to make staging a staple ...
On behalf of 125 dry-docked stagers in NY Metro, thank you Stagers List's Kym Hough, TerryLynn Fisher and Christine Rae, for the energy and spunk to put together such the wonderfully instructive Staging EXP and then taking it on the road. The wisdom and experience shared inspired us all. I hearti...
{ominous thunder}         On November 5, 2008 a first will happen.   {cymbals shimmer}      A first that is unprecedented...unheard of...un-imagin-able for many... in the Home Staging industry!   {orchestra comes in} On November 5, 2008, not one.  Not two.  Not three nor even four.... but   yup! ...
There is the national story of housing sales being down, prices being down and the days on market being at record lengths.   Then there is the local story.  In Maplewood, the number of houses that went under contract in September 2008 is actually UP by 31%.  Further, in the upper end, there are s...
      Victoria Carter, ERA-Burgdorff's #1 agent nationwide, joined me to talk about the real local story in Short Hills Real Estate today. Despite the national story of sales being down and prices slipping by 9.9%, Short Hills prices have risen by 7.9%! What makes this small, New York City suburb...
August is dead around here.  Dead.  I love it - you can finally get a parking space at the post office!  But it's not the ideal time to sell a house. Along comes a delightful couple beingre-lo'd across country, and they HAVE to sell.  I consulted, and then went back to reclaim the basement.  They...
  The web never ceases to amaze me.  This morning, I discover a tool that will tell you the average Return on Investment of home improvements... by ZIP CODE!!!  And in my zip code, it turns out that money returned on staging is 378%.  Let me repeat that -   378%   My sales presentation is now dow...
...There's a terrific blog post written about how to make your social media marketing strategies work for long term success as opposed to sizzling short term SEO ranking that quickly fizzles.  (yup! the letter of the day is indeed "z"!)   Here's the link - http://www.clicknewz.com/1689/how-to-use...
There's a really splendid article on Inman today from Bernice Ross. She reviews a book called 'Shift' (by Gary Keller) and then summarizes its 12 tactics to sustain your business in this currently bumpy market.   Check out #8 -- 8. Seller staging strategies To sell in a shifted market, staging is...
Today, we are raising money for children of poor familes that need heart operations.  What makes this particularly special, is that the fundraiser is being held on Twitter.  Hence the name - Tweet-a-thon.    Over 50 internet marketers contributed free, "secret" content (secret in that it has neve...

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Once a Manhattan realtor, I have bought and sold 12 homes in 19 years in 4 countries. That, and 7 years of staging homes for sale in New Jersey adds up to a lot of experience.

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