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Was very surprised to receive a Wachovia assignment where they asked me to reach out to a borrower to list their home for a preapproved short sale. They even have a cash incentive for the seller. The problem is that the bank isnt having any luck locating them nor am I. I think they made their off...
Crazy busy with BPO's last week and this week. Wonder what is going on... either short sales being approved or foreclosures coming.... Either way, I can do values in pretty much any area with my eyes closed!!! Good for market knowledge.
I am so excited as I found out recently that I have been accepted to study for 4 weeks at the Parelli International Horsemanship School in Pagosa Springs. I am so thankful to be in the real estate business where I can conduct my business remotely and not have to worry about missing work. I will b...
I was listening to a training call today and loved the anology the gal used about obstacles in our lives and businesses. Everyone in life has obstacles of course. We all know it is how you deal with them that affects your life. Here is the analogy she used: A school had some construction work goi...
Check out this site for interesting real time information on the housing market. When you visit the site, scroll down to the right to the video A particularly interesting video is located there on the possible demise of Freddie and Fannie and what opti...
Great call from - you can listen to the reply on their site under free superstar calls. I am not a student of the university but do listen to the interviews and they are great. Couple take aways about social networking and technology: The latest generation doesn...
Its Up Time America by Kimberly Alyn should get you in the right mood today.  Click on this Yout Tube Video and get ready for Up Time America Brigitte
Happy 2010 Peers - I try to stay informed by listening to various outlets on the market weekly as well as reading many publications. These guys are a little obnoxious BUT I listened to them all last year and for 2009, they were right on. Listen to their first show of 2010. Time to buckle down and...
I am in the midst of finalizing my plans for 2010 and thought it would be appropriate to share my thought process. Some people use obstacles as an excuse for failure or poor performance while others use it to grow - which are you? My favorite saying of late is by Emily Dickinson, "I dwell in poss...
I was reading Decembers issue of Fortune which had Moodys Economy report for housing in 2010. Moody's report says, "This year the housing market showed signs of life. But with foreclosures and unemployment climbing, prices have further to fall." For the Portland OR metro area, which I service, th...

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