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This is a quick blog but I heard this saying and I love it - it really applies to our real estate businesses. Success isnt magical, it is mathematical. Now is a good time to break down your numbers for 2011 - how many contacts do you need, to convert to the number of leads you need, to convert to...
Wow - I  just returned from living in Pagosa Springs CO (which I highly recommend visiting if you are looking for a slice of Heaven) the past 30 days and participating in the Parelli Fast Track Horsemanship Program. I was lucky to be in the presence of people from all over the world - New Zealand...
"The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them".  Jim Rohn I just love this quote as it really sums up my journey the last year. It can apply to all aspects of your life and the path to getting to your goal many times is far more rewarding th...
On my wall in front of my computer sits my goals for 2010 - I have no choice but to look at these everyday. To complete my goals for 2010, I have to close 7 more transactions to finish meeting all of my financial goals for 2010. Last week, that number kept playing over and over in my head. Grante...
From Harris Real Estate Univeristy Bank of America Short Sale Call. Visit their site and listen to the replay of the free call On behalf of Harris Real Estate University (and the real estate industry) special thanks to  Bank of America's.....   ........Matt Verno...
04/12/2010 Whats interesting as this program does NOT apply to folks who have an FHA backed loan - hmmm...
Great article by Mike Whitney   Financial Crisis: The Next Big Bank Bailout is on the Way Housing is on the rocks and prices are headed lower. That's not the consensus view, but it's a reasonably safe assumption. Master illusionist Ben Bernanke managed to engineer a modest 7-month uptick in sales...
Interesting video on the possible pressure banks will be feeling to write down mortgage principle balances.    
New orders have been slow for me in my area. Post a comment on new REO assignments in your town. Do you think they will increase, decrease, stay the same? What about short sales - do you think we will see an uptick in short sale approvals versus REO properties?
I am debating between which program to join - or I have to say that I have been listening to the free Friday conference training calls for about 6 months with Harris Real Estate University and have learned a great ...

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