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I am not from Missouri the "Show Me" state but I definitely get a lot of calls from marketers trying to sell me their lead generation systems and I always ask them for a free trial and if they can Show Me that the system works. Of course the answer is NO so I ask to save my number if they change ...
One of my goals for 2013 is to keep more of  the qualified buyers from internet leads and the buyers referred to me from Realtors.  Its easier to keep the business you have than to get new business and it definitely helps me sleep better at  night! Lets get real for a minute... We all know that s...
I love the idea of Thanksgiving. With everything going on in politics, the economy, and worst of all no more Twinkies, its important to keep the proper perspective.   In real estate its easy to get down, resentful, and even feel sorry for yourself at times.   You know, when the client stops answe...
Have you ever been in a hurry and did not have the time to talk but needed to give someone a message?   It helps to start with "hey real quick, I am about to walk into an appointment but wanted to let you know ..."   Some people just are not willing to respect others time and some people are not ...
Three years ago only 2% of U.S adults owned a tablet or E-Reader. Its now an astonishing 29% and growing rapidly!!   Mobile is not just about being able to send a  text to a client. Here are a few ideas being  thrown around:   ~Instant testimonial to Facebook from  the settlement table   ~Instant...
Should You Refinance?   A lot of people ask me if they should refinance simply based on what the current interests are however that is only one component of the equation. Goals Here are the two questions I ask up-front that help make things simple. #1. What is your primary reason for refinancing?...
USDA Loans in Chesapeake Ranch Estates   Yes its true, as of October 1, 2012 there will be no more USDA or Rural Development loans in the Chesapeake Ranch Estates in Lusby Maryland. Unfortunately after the most recent census they are no longer considered eligible per the population density. This ...
New USDA Mortgage Insurance   As of October 1, 2012 the annual MI on all USDA loans is increasing from .3% to .4%. This should not be a huge concern as the rate is still relatively low especially compared to FHA which is at 1.25%. On a 200k loan the usda monthly mortgage insurance will go from $5...
Most Frequently Asked Questions About USDA Loans   Q. How much money do I need? A. There is no down payment required however there are closing costs and you will need an earnest money deposit. Closing Costs – Are negotiated in the contract. The seller can contribute up to 6% and the lender can pr...
  Can you really buy a house with only $500 cash? Yes and it happens all the time. (I have one settling on 7/26  with NO MONEY!) Using a USDA loan you can buy a house with no down payment. The seller can contribute up to 6% towards closing and you can even roll closing into the appraised value a...

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