If Darwin Would Have been a Real Estate Agent

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An exploration into how evolution shapes today's homes buyers and sellers
  I'm amazed at how fast some of us depart from what we teach others and supposedly believe is true.  Most of us believe that we should negotiate deals that are win-win.  Even if one party walks away in a better position, it is still the perception of win-win that we strive for....right?? Why the...
Harvard Law school teaches a theory called "denominator blindness"  as it applies to accidents and how a jury looks at risk, but it also applies to how a home seller handles our commission. I'll try to get to the point quickly.  Here's the essence of denominator blindness:   On the news, you lear...
These are known knowns: A monetary loss or gain is not just a financial or psychological outcome but a biological change that has profound physical effects on the brain and body.  What you've seen:  Sellers who are faced with a loss will become angry and difficult to work with.  Buyers who got be...
We humans basically have two brains - a reflexive and a reflective brain. The reflexive brain works under a cloak...without our knowledge.  This is the behavioral, emotional - evolutionarypart of us.  On the other hand, when the reflective brain is working on something, we definitely know it....i...
I'm working on a lecture and would like love your involvement and feedback Thanks ahead of time. The premise for my lecture is that buyer and seller behavior is based on evolution. Greed, fear regret, happiness, panic, cockiness, surprise, risk and reward are just some of the topics we'll need to...

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