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An exploration into how evolution shapes today's homes buyers and sellers
The Internet is undoubtedly the greatest research tool in all history, but it still comes down to the person interpreting all that information to apply it.  One man is making a critical error. A little background information: Much of our downtown in Beaver Dam, WI was built over a river.  Over th...
What's Wrong with this Picture....There were People Involved! I'm a "behavior expert" so to speak, so I should disagree with your "clients act without rhyme or reason" comment.  She knows the "why".  She may not articulate her reason, but she made a decision, so she also rationalized it. We (rea...
The "mere-exposure effect" is: being in the presence of familiar things simply make us feel better.  Have you ever felt this:  you work with someone day after day, and after a while they start looking better to you.  It's the "how does the ugly guy get the pretty girl effect".  Just seeing the sa...
Altruism is behavior that involves self-sacrifice.  If individuals behave at what appear to be a cost to themselves but a benefit to others, then that behavior is said to be altruistic.  BUT, socioscientist believe that there is NO true act of altruism. I'm not writing this because I'm just a rea...
Furniture-maker homeowner used his craft for striking craftsmanship and keen attention to detail in this atypical ranch home. Warm and cozy lower level family room with architecturally beautiful pellet stove and walk-out patio doors. Lovely second-story enclosed porch/deck. Bright and beautiful k...
If you've read my previous blogs, you'll know that for me - everything dealing with people is based on behavior.  Whether that be based on evolution or learned, we ALL act according to our behavior. My biggest motive in writing on this particular subject is to get you to stop for a moment and thi...
May I suggest to all bloggers to get off your keyboards occasionally and pick up the phone.  I just met the most fantastic person - Konnie McKee asked a question in one of my blogs, so I gave her a call.  What a great help she was for me - when in fact she is the one who asked the question.  What...
Granted, I'm in a very small market area, but you can do this too.  You might want to define a smaller area for your tour though. We have been successfully holding a well attended broker tour ever month for about the last year.  On the third Thursday of every month, each participating company sub...
How are you counseling your investor clients who normally flip? In this current saturated market - it might be wise for them not to put it back on the market.  Definitely buy these great deals, but keep it off the market and rent it out for a year or two.  With so many foreclosures to compete aga...
Keep in mind that the premise of all my blogs (so far) all relate to "behavior" and how people "feel".  In my book, it isn't just what works, it is why does it work from a behavioral point of view. My technique described in my previous blog had some subtleties that may have gone unnoticed.  Altho...

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