If Darwin Would Have been a Real Estate Agent

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An exploration into how evolution shapes today's homes buyers and sellers
NO FEAR!  Young people use that phrase often, but it turns out that they have more fear than older folks do. There is a lesson here that we can apply to our selling technique, so don't stop reading just yet. The older we get, the more opportunities we have had to experience fearful events.  The m...
What were you before you were a real estate agent?  Most of us were not born real estate agent.  People just assume that we have always been what we are now, but the reality is that for most of us, real estate is a second or third career.  I am quite amazed when I talk to other agents to find out...
Students - there will be NO test on today's material.....you have already mastered the material and will ALL receive an "A". Quick statement of fact, then move on to supporting material (just talking to myself - it is so early in the morning) Fact: Humans are incapable of committing an act that t...
Well I put this off long enough.  I'd write a book on procrastination, but other things keep getting in the way.  Doesn't matter, because there are already a ton of books on the subject for which the total could be summed  up in one sentence"get off your ass and just do it!".  Procrastination wou...
There is one agent in my area who insist on being at her listings during another agent's showing - I'll call her Mary (since that's her real name).  I always try to be cordial and invite Mary to give us a tour - since she's there to make sure we don't miss a thing anyway. Mary "leads" us around t...
So, you've had the situation before:  young couple find the perfect home, and want their families to look it over before they put down the offer.  Daddy (uncle, big brother, anyone of authority) comes along and picks the home apart.  The kids walk away feeling bewildered and shocked. Understand t...
Have you ever watched a flock of birds the way they seem to move as one unit....like they all think with one brain.  A school of fish, a heard of cows...any group of animals all seem to "tick" together.  Brain scans in humans showed that when people followed along with a peer group (our flock, sc...
Ambiguity feels scary.  The fear of the unknown aided our ancestor in avoiding things that could kill them.  For a potential buyer, ambiguity is a deal-breaker.  An unanswered question - whether they asked it out loud or it lurked somewhere in their gray and white matter - will fill them with fea...
Do you have a home buyer?  Congratulations! That means that you have a great reason to make some phone calls.  I always ask my buyer to drive around in the neighborhood that they like best and write down all the homes address that they like (not listed).  I then call all these homes owners.  I te...
In any economy (good or bad), there are those who MUST sell their home.  Are you working these groups?  First off, why do people sell there home:  had a baby - need more room, job transfer, divorce, death, hate the neighbors, want a better home....there are all kind of reasons, but not many rise ...

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