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Barney Frank, the longtime foe of the mortgage industry, is now advocating the abolishment of both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.    Most people know that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac provide an important role to mortgage originating lenders.  As of late 2009, they provide liquidity for over 70% of al...
800 Credit Score Borrowers Putting 50% Down Can Be Denied for A Loan!!!  With an attention getting headline like this, one can only wonder how!  This post is aimed at consumers and realtors, and should provide some insight into a questionable practice that the automated underwriting systems emplo...
Yes, you read the above right!  It is actually possible to lower a credit score yet pay all of your bills on-time every month!  Impossible you say, please read on....... The myths of FICO scores and credit scoring continue to confuse many Americans.  I am often asked..."How can my credit score be...
Everyone keeps hearing about how mortgage financing is more difficult to obtain than ever before. But...what does that really mean? Every so often Fannie Mae -- one of the big three government quasi-agencies that buys mortgage loans, tweaks its formula that it uses to qualify new loans. The autom...
Many military veterans are curious about the "streamline" refinance, or IRRRL option available through the VA. Interest rate reduction refinancing loan, or IRRRL for short, is a phenomenal loan product for eligible veterans looking to refinance with minimal costs. Some key points of IRRRL Loans: ...

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