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                                                                                                                   "Your Team Must be the Size of Your Dream"                                                                                            John Maxwell This is a tough market, no doubt.  ...
As a follow-up to my last blog, here is some more detailon the foreclosure mediation order. Turns out that this is not automatic; the homeowner must request the mediation.  Take a look at this e-mail from Brenda Warner, Space Coast Association of Realtors, Government Affairs Director: "To All Mem...
In an effort to stem the flood of foreclosures, Brevard County now requires all lenders (and plaintiffs in foreclosure actions) to enter into mediation with homeowners before a foreclosure will be granted. The lender will have to pay for this and it will most certainly slow the process.  It also ...
The media says we are still in for a big drop, as much as 40% here in Brevard (according to Forbes),  but I wonder, how close to the bottom are we really? I think that properties have dropped so dramatically, that the average home, at least here in Brevard) will cash flow as a rental.  This opens...
Many Realtors know an investor or two.  But, Do you take them your hard to sell deals?  Well you should.  I hear many Realtors say that they have a hard time finding reputable investors who can think creatively. How to find a reputable investor:  *First, contact your local REIA ( Real Estate Inve...
Fannie Mae Increases the Number of Financed Investment Properties Back to 10 February 6th, 2009 Fannie Mae makes an announcement today to raise the number of financed investment properties back to ten.  Since October of 2008, Fannie Mae had lowered the number of financed investment properties a b...
Agent Consolidation of REO Bundles by Asset Managers is leading to delays in the buy process and increases carrying costs through longer time on market. As an REO Specialist and a Buyers agent we are seeing both sides of the market. Here in AZ, recent trends and buyer behavior are showing appeal ...
I have suspected for some time that the truth of the matter is that most of our foreclosures stem from investment property.  A recent article in the Florida Today confirms it.  see article here: count...
I am usually not a very big proponent of playing the "Blame Game".  However, I think we all agree that we need to isolate the cause of a problem in order to determine the cure.  Once again, lenders are at the root of the problem.  Another blogger, wrote about the  issue of lenders writing down th...
Today's difficult and volatile market demands creativty and flexibility.   The idea of putting a property on the market and expecting a pre-qualified buyer to appear is obsolete.  Lease-options, owner-fi and mortgage wrap transactions are often needed to make things happen. Remember: It's all abo...

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