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Interesting Information.  Are we seeing a change in the direction of our current market?  read on... Real Estate News & Commentary by Chris McLaughlin, August 26, 2009 New home sales rise 9.6% in July, the highest in 4 years According to the Commerce Department, sales of new homes rose 9.6% to a ...
This is too good to not share!  While the stock market, housing prices, jobless rate, and falling GDP may point to a financial crisis, those are only symptoms of the real illness. Just as a doctor would never describe an overweight patient’s condition as, “a crisis of too many fat cells,” we must...
read below and join us at this event!!Hello Everyone, I Just wanted to remind everyone that the Attitudes of Wealth Focus Group is again meeting this Thursday, June 11th at 6:30 p.m.  We are meeting at the Veterans Memorial Center behind Merritt Square Mall.  This group focuses on the habits, sys...
SO much talk about losing our space program and here we are presented with a great growth industry: retirees.  I grew up in Palm Beach County and believe, now that I look back on it, that the retirees were a major contributor to creating the vibrant economy that Palm Beach County now enjoys.  Bre...
THE BIG BANKS WIN AGAIN.  Through the lobbying efforts of Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo, the "people"'s representatives in Congress again exhibited their skill in: Keeping home owners with negative equity safely imprisoned in their real property for the foreseeable future.  S...
The view from  my future "office".  We had a company planning-strategy meeting today and this is on the list of things "to do"!! Yes, that is a swim-up bar on the left  and the beautiful blue waters of the carribean in the background.  Charles Fischer Director of Investor Relations THM Investmen...
 As an active investor, I try to spend time with other active investors and property owners here in Brevard and throughout Central Florida.  It is interesting to me the comments I hear regarding folk's success, or lack thereof in renting out properties. Certainly, we are seeing more rentals avail...
Well, today I spoke with the lender and they promised they would address the issue.  I have a great relationship with these folks and appreciate their business relationship.  They are going to send the request up the chain and we will see what happens Even with the issues that we are all facing, ...
  Ok, so here is the latest appraisal issue, I need some feedback here.  We have a house that we purchased about three months ago and fully renovated.  Our buyer was excited about the property and offered full price: $75,000.  The buyer went to a local big box lender and submitted a loan applicat...
As many of my fellow  REO investors know,  bank appointed title companies are creating an involuntary and very lucrative "profit center" for themselves.  We have purchased several REO's recently and have been hit with "transaction fees" and "closing fees" and get this: "environmental fees" ; in s...

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