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Mortgage and Lending - Senior Vice President, Secured Funding Corporation
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Fannie Mae HomePath Renovation Loan or FHA 203K? This is a popular question in the renovation finance world: Am I better off with a Fannie Mae HomePath Renovation Loan or an FHA 203K? The answer is quite personal. You must take into account your personal finances, the project requirements, and ty...
So, you found your way to the FannieMae foreclosure website ( and also found the litany of properties in your area.  You go through the properties, just like any home shopper would, checking the bedrooms, baths, what the kitchen looks like and how about that back yard!  THIS see...
True Testimonial:   Had it not been for Brent Kluge’s tireless efforts, we believe our dream home would have remained just that, a dream.  Brent went above and beyond to help us secure our 203K loan.  His assistance was invaluable and his dedication to his clients is unparalleled.  From day one, ...
  Renovation Guru saying... "You Don't Need Renovation Loan"?! Honesty is the best policy... And the truth is, sometimes, you don't need a renovation loan. Here's the skinny on the loan that saves you from doing a renovation loan. REPAIR ESCROW LOANS Imagine you've just found a beautiful house o...
Let’s face it folks, the FHA 203K can be intimidating, even for a season tradesman. As with anything, a well thought out plan can save you countless time and money. In this blog, I’ve compiled a simple list of 10 helpful tips for selecting your contractors. This advice is FOR THE CONSUMER. I didn...
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 203K process can be confusing. The reason 99% of mortgage lenders don't do them is because they have a LOT of moving parts... Contractors, appraiser conditions, specialty inspectors, underwriters, loan officers, county code, construction principles, engineers,...
On an FHA 203k Renovation Loan, the money that is set asidefor the construction goes into an "escrow account".  These funds actually sit with the bank until a DRAW REQUEST is properly completed, endorsed and submitted, requesting those funds.  How many times have you heard about people WAITING 60...
Fannie Mae HomePath Renovation Loan - An Honest Lender - All 50 States Brent Kluge & bring you a brief video introduction to the Fannie Mae HomePath Renovation Loan.  Please subscribe to video and perhaps click 'Like', so we may continue to bring you these helpful and inform...
Fannie Mae HomePath Renovation Financing....  Whewww, thats a mouthful! What is it?  Why can't I find it?  How do I get me some?  Answers within...   Fannie Mae has a boatload of foreclosures on the market.  These are homes which were foreclosed on the previoius owners, taken posession and now ha...

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Brent Kluge's 203K & HomePath Renovation Blog Expert information for you for all your renovation needs focused on FHA 203k and FannieMae HomePath Renovation, HomeStyle and USDA reno. From planning, to process, to loans, to finding a match with a contractor, Brent Kluge and his team will guide you through the entire process and avoiding the pitfalls along the way.