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203k Draw Process - Why do we have to wait so long for our Check? You have probably heard about the nightmare/horror stories of people working through issue after issue to get their 203k closed.  I actually know someone that worked 9 months with their loan officer to move towards closing, ultimat...
Richard posted a GREAT quote from a guy named Herm Albright. I am now FORCED to look this guy up and see who he was and what he was about... because this quote is PRICELESS! Thanks Richard!“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the e...
Tammy Emineth wrote this original blog about SEO and blogging.  AMAZING information here folks.  I personally picked up a couple great tips so i am reblogging it here for my friends and followers. :) Thanks Tammy!Blogging for personal reasons and blogging for business are two completely different...
FHA 203K - Do I HAVE to pay my consultant fee upfront?        If you are doing an FHA 203k Loan and are utilizing the services of a licensed HUD 203k Consultant, you will more than likely need to pay the consultant's fee.  Although HUD does not regulate these consultant fee any longer, most still...
Mike Young, A FANTASTIC 203k Consultant on the West Coast, in California, bloggs about finding a local contractor, and the importance of keeping independence and potential conflicts of interest... words to live by in the 203k world. ;)   Nice post Mike. bThe concept behind the 203k originally was...
Stephen did a great job with this post on our Bay Bridge.  This thing is AMAZING. I love the view of this bridge from the water, its simply amazing.  Recently, we crossed the bridge on the way to the shore and a HUGE cargo ship was crossing underneath at the same time... you could actually SEE th...
"This looks like a Renovation Loan... Better bring in the 'TRC'!" Traveling Renovation Consultation Team Situation:  Buyers are interested in purchasing an "AS-IS" Property.  Can't find a REAL Renovation specialist in their area. Don't know who to trust.  Conflicts of interest abound. Limited exp...
How do I buy a home that needs repairs and it won't pass an appraisal?   Easy!  :)   Find a Renovation Loan Lender! In general, there are many loan products available to you for this situation...  You want to buy a home, typically a foreclosure.  There are various items that are in need of repair...
Craig is a wealth of knowledge for your tech information.  Blogs, SEO, how to's... and it all is delivered in a very user friendly way. I ALWAYS read through his posts as they are quite helpful and I highly recommend you do the same.  Really good info here guys... :) Have fun, enjoy your weekend....

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Brent Kluge's 203K & HomePath Renovation Blog Expert information for you for all your renovation needs focused on FHA 203k and FannieMae HomePath Renovation, HomeStyle and USDA reno. From planning, to process, to loans, to finding a match with a contractor, Brent Kluge and his team will guide you through the entire process and avoiding the pitfalls along the way.