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Lets face it folks, the 203K can be intimidating. As with anything, a well thought out plan can save you countless time and money. This blog is about a few pieces of advise FOR THE CONSUMER. I didn't cut and paste these things, and also they are not endorsed by HUD or any other government regulat...
Hint Hint...   Does anyone know what the maximum renovation you can do on a Streamline 203K ????   Bueler... Bueler....   "$35,000.00",  says the freckle-faced, Howdy Doody looking chap in the back.   EHHHHHH!    Have you looked at the parts of the write-up that can be consider Energy Efficiency ...
My son is 17 years old and a Junior in High School.  He is doing well with his studies and grades.  He is having an amazing year in football and colleges are all over him.   Now we are looking for a summer job for him, something flexible and fun, where he can make his various football combines, c...
Still trying to go after those "Why rent when you can buy" buyers?  The tax credit is done...  Everyone says that the market will slow down.  Do you know I had calls to qualify over 20 buyers this past weekend alone... I think it sped up!   Short Sales / Foreclosures MANY, MANY, MANY here and MAN...
  "I think it's a bunch of crap and is a complete waste." Let's break down why this sentiment seems to exist all over the Internet. What is HAFA? First off, for those of you who have been living under a rock, the HAFA program is an extension (technically, Supplemental Directive 09-09) of the Hom...
203K Allows for not only purchases but REFINANCES! What is a 203K???  (a typical gov't title that means nothing)  No... Its a Loan Type.  It is a Renovation Loan.  A loan where you are allowed money to buy the house (or in this case, pay off the existing mortgage debt on a refinance) and also get...
What ever happened to the 104% LTV or maybe even the old 106% percent, where you could actually go OVER the home's value???  Those were the days.... GUESS WHAT???   IT'S STILL AVAILABLE...   110% !!!    And...  ITs an FHA Product!   Yep, the 203K allows you to go to 110% of the Appraised Value!  ...
  Name: Jose S. Guerrero Email Address: Message: Hello Brent; Enjoyed reading what you have to say about the 203K. I have been involved with the 203K since 1976, first as a Contractor and in 1996 I started as a Consultant. You mention that your contracting company has ...
How many contracts do you think these "Asset Managers" are kicking back on a daily basis???  Hmmm?  Would anyone believe about 90%?  Those numbers seem to run true based on the various interviews I personally have conducted with even the Managers of Loss Mitigation departments.  Considering some ...

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Brent Kluge's 203K & HomePath Renovation Blog Expert information for you for all your renovation needs focused on FHA 203k and FannieMae HomePath Renovation, HomeStyle and USDA reno. From planning, to process, to loans, to finding a match with a contractor, Brent Kluge and his team will guide you through the entire process and avoiding the pitfalls along the way.