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Real Estate Agent - REMAX on the Charles
Hi Everyone, I thought I would just share my latest experience at a distressed property.  The property is a bank owned multifamily property that currently has 32 offers on it including my clients.  There were people crawling all over the property yesterday.  All offers were good untill noon today...
This morning I attended the memorial service for my stepfather Ed Reed who passed away about 2 weeks ago at age 89.  This has been a real hard time for me, my friends and my family.  During a challenging real estate market I tend to work even harder and get a little bummed about the business then...
So we are following the inspector into the basement as usual just chit chatting.  The inspection is going fine with all the normal stuff coming up like GFI outlets being needed or not working and such.  The inspector now moves on to the furnace and he is inspecting the flue.  He notices that it d...
I used to practice real estate on Martha's Vineyard in my fathers office.  He has been there for 30 years running his own company. Through a rental I did I got the listing when the sellers were ready to sell.  It was a conemporary European style property with a house and a guest house right on th...
Picture this.  We are at the end of a home inspection of a brand new townhouse in Arlington.  Granite countertops, Stainless everything, tp of the line , soup to nuts beautiful home.  Everything checks out great.  As we are walking to the door to leave my buyer asks the inspector how to operate t...
My Clients and I are going through the home inspection in a newer townhouse that had a brand new kitchen.  Nothing abnormal going on as we started downstairs and were now moving up to the top floor bathroom.  The inspector tries to flush the toilet but the water to the toilet was obviously off.  ...

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