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Los Angeles is a city known for its diverse and dynamic architecture, from its iconic Hollywood Hills mansions to its modern skyscrapers. If you're a fan of modern architecture, you'll find no shortage of exciting and innovative buildings to explore in LA. Here are just a few examples of the amaz...
Nestled along the Pacific coast in southwestern Los Angeles County, Manhattan Beach is a small, upscale city with a rich history dating back thousands of years. From its humble beginnings as a Native American village to its current status as a popular beach destination, Manhattan Beach has always...
The South Bay area is a region located in the Southwest of Los Angeles, California. It lies along the southern shore of Santa Monica Bay, thus giving it the name of South Bay. It stretches from Manhattan Beach to the Palos Verdes Peninsula lined with safe cities, beautiful piers and beaches, and ...
Volleyball has been around since 1895, first invented by William G. Morgan who originally named it “mintonette”. Morgan worked at the YMCA as a physical director in Holyoke Massachusetts. He designed the game specifically for businessmen who found basketball to be too strenuous and require too mu...
While one might know Hermosa Beach as a beautiful destination where one can surf all day and play volleyball on its sandy shores, the beach is also home to a variety of fantastic restaurants. Locals and tourists alike can have more than enough options and can choose whatever they are in the mood ...
It's always a comforting experience when you're enjoying a good cup of coffee wherever you are in your day. It is the aromatic drink that greets you in the morning, the energizer to keep you going in the middle of the day and your go-to for a long night. Its soothing aroma alone is enough reason ...
Purchasing a home is no easy task. It is a complicated process that takes time, sweat and yes, sometimes tears. Whether you are buying looking for homes for sale in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or in one of the beautiful seaside communities of the Los Angeles area, there are several different steps yo...
Hermosa beach is one of a kind. The beautiful weather lends itself to year round fun and it is a go-to place for travelers and locals looking for an excursion. Fill your itinerary with these activities for your next trip in Hermosa Beach. Take a Walk on the Hermosa Beach PierTake in views of the ...

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