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Here is a simple, straightforward plan to stimulate the economy. I received this in a cc: from my favorite lender. It was a message to Carmen Wong Ulrich at CNBC. I've been waiting but it hasn't made to air, I thought I'd post it here!   I am a 16 year mortgage veteran with a real idea on a low c...
Northgate Real Estate Sales Report For December of 2008: The Northgate area actually had a pretty good December. Northgate is a small MLS area so seeing 19 sales in what is traditionally a slower month is actually quite impressive. Northgate is one of the fastest growing areas in all of Colorado ...
Here are the sales results for the Tri-Lakes market for the month of December 2008. Although this is a weak showing the good news is the Tri-Lakes market is leveling off. Sales in December were close to the same as the November numbers. The activity has picked up an interest rates a bound to brin...