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The courts ruled this past Wednesday that down payment assistance programs are still a viable option for prospective home-buyers to use in order to become homeowners. The basic premise of a down payment assistance program is that the seller donates up to 3% to a non-profit agency, plus a $200-$50...
"American by birth, southern by the grace of God". A silly little saying that I've heard all my life growing up in Georgia. I've never thought much of it, but as Spring approaches, I can see from where it comes. Georgia is a beautiful state, and as Springtime nears, it really begins to show it's ...
I attempted to link AR to my website a few weeks ago, but didn't do it properly. In turn, it got rejected. Since that time, I was able to figure out how to properly link AR onto my website, and did so a week ago. I understand that there is a 3-5 day wait before getting credited, and I did it last...
Mr. Consumer: "Mr. Broker, I have six months left before my ARM adjusts, and I am looking to refinance out of it.  How are the rates?" Joe Broker: "Rates are better than they have been in the past year.  For a rate-term refi. with a 720 mid-score, my best rates are running about 5.625% on a 30 ye...
As Bernake makes the announcement that the Feds are cutting interest rates, a collectively soft sigh of relief can be heard around the country by those depending, in some way, on financing. Whether it is buying or reifying prospects, realtors, or in some cases, mortgage brokers and others in the ...

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