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This seems absurd.  I have not checked this out yet, but this is alarming.  The government continues to regulate the wrong type of things.  This is a case of one.APRIL FOOL'S JOKE?  On April 1st the Federal Rule regarding Loan Officer Compensation goes into effect. In a nutshell this means that l...
I look at the reverse mortgage and on the surface everything looks great.  An elderly person can receive money every month until the day they die.  It certainly works in this economy where many of the seniors benefits have been taken away or limited. Here are the problems: The valuation is done a...
I saw George Carlin in concert twice and both times he was just one of the funniest comics I have ever seen.  I remember the age jokes he told.  Very clever and although he has passed awhile ago his jokes still live on:   Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is w...
  I absolutely love dogs.  I love animals, but what I do not like is inconsiderate people.  These are my neighbors, and about once to twice a week I find dog poop on my lawn.  Why do you do this?  Is it because you don't like me? Is it because you want my kids to play in dog poop? Is it because ...
Under an immense amount of pressure, the city of Boca Raton narrowed down a list of companies to do the site plan for the 15 acre park along Ocean Blvd.   The applicants are Ibi Group, Curtis Group, Kimley Horn, Slattery & Associates, Calvin Giordano, and Bermello, Ajamil & Partners Inc. City of ...
I have been against the whole zillow thing from the beginning, but with their huge presence in our marketplace I cannot ignore them anymore.  Many consumers use the zestimates as gospel.  We all know that they may be inaccurate, but perception is reallity and you know what we have to start lookin...
  Many of us start the new year with great intentions, but never follow through.  We make our business plan. We talk about what are goals are. We read motivational books We rev up that positive energy Then something happens. What happens?  Why did you lose your Mo Jo?  Did you know they say Janua...
As of January 1st, 2011, Palm Beach County Sales tax went down to 6% because the .5 cent sales tax ended on December 31, 2010.  However, apparently not everyone knows this or they conveniently forget.  All of my leasing companies with copiers, marketing firms, and everything else it seems keeps c...
City Furniture invited 1000 guests to tour their newest superstore near I-95 in Boca Raton.  This particular City Furniture will be a 94,000 square foot "green" store using all the latest technology.  The grand opening was on January 13th and included a tour of the latest modern and traditional s...
From Sun Sentinel: Movie goers may have noticed that the movie theater in Mizner Park closed Dec. 31, but maybe not for good. Chris Molho, the park's general manager, confirmed the closure in a statement through a public relations firm. "The theater is undergoing a complete renovation and retrof...

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