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Great homes in Carrollton, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, McKinney, Denton & Dallas.
Speaking for many LGBTQ folks, most of us feel at risk.  Current laws are highly discriminatory against trans youth and their families and today's ruling on the 14th Amendment clearly puts our marriages & families at risk. If you feel the need to leave the jurisdiction of Texas, let us help you s...
For many years I have blogged about how LGBTQIA rights hung by 5/4 court decisions predicated on the rights of the 14th Amendment.  I have been asking that REALTOR PACs, especially TREPAC (Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee), abide by Article 10 of the Code of Ethics when deciding whom ...
LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance just issued a major report on the state of discrimination in the real estate sector. Here are the main points: _________ "Discrimination against renters over the last three years follows a similar pattern with 30% reporting evidence of discrimination over the last thre...
I've been helping North Orlando agent, Marnetta Arentt with her Real Geeks Website.  I've helped her grow her content pages with SEO, defined searches, and Google-ready navigation.  And by doing so, I've learned a lot about what money will buy in North Orlando.  Check out her pages and see what  ...
Image you built a new home.  It's beautiful but you never move in any furniture.  You just leave it empty and then wonder why it's so uncomfortable.  You never gave it your personality and you never invited folks in. That's what most people are doing with their IDX Websites.  It doesn't matter wh...
Cash is king. or at least that's what they say.   But a lot of buyers are bringing cash so it doesn't always get you inside the velvet rope.  We have a lot of folks moving in with cash from sales in California & New York.  But we also have a large share of buyers who are bidding higher with conve...
Image that you're in a grocery store and everything you want to purchase is on the top shelf.  The lower shelves have been full for a few years, but now, they're bare.  And you're not as tall as you think you were.   That's how interest rates work in a nutshell.  Your ability to reach up and get ...
Today was a rough day. I taught two sessions on Expired Listing marketing.  I did a deep dive into IDX strategies to use, and then did 4 additional tech hours.  My mind was shot by the of the day, but I still managed to get my steps in.  
Light rail living is popular in so many other cities but has yet to pick up in Dallas / Fort Worth.  But as the price of gas climbs and we become more aware of our environmental impact, using public transit will become more appealing.  We have built out our Real Geeks site to show homes and condo...
We've all heard the statistic that 87% of agents who get into the business today will not be in the business in 5 years. There's such a high turnover in agents and part of that I believe, is that the brokerage system is broken. Brokers now race to be the least expensive instead of being the best....

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Great homes in Carrollton, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, McKinney, Denton & Dallas.