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I was just in Sanibel, Florida last week....Great Place !!!While in Sanibel, I saw a TV commercial for a Combo loan alternative offered by a huge well known lender....The combo loan that was advertised combines your first mortgage, your second mortgage and your auto loan into one loan !!  Why wou...
                                    In Honor of my Great Great Grandfather, Robert W. Weir,  Who painted the first American St. Nicholas back in 1837.....He was commissioned by the Knickerbocker Family to paint this painting....                                                                 Merr...
Why should a Borrower/Buyer choose a Mortgage Company vs. a Lender ?Answer:  Because it's not just about shopping rates.  All lenders are not equal.  Every lender has their own little nuances and that could kill a loan.  All Borrowers / Buyers are not equal.  Mortgage companies work with several ...
I'm sure many of us have done this quick pre-qual to determine a Buyer's ability to buy a home and at what price range to focus on.An Agent that performs a pre-qualification on their Buyer is a total waste of time and effort.  Not only is it a waste of time, I would have to venture to say it's pr...
I will only work with with Buyers that provide a pre-approval letter.... I don't believe that a pre-approval is their ticket to getting into a home.  I view it as the Buyer's good faith effort to buying a home / property.  There is more to buying a property than a pre-approval letter....I intervi...
                           Happy Thanksgiving to all our Troops in Iraq                                You're in my heart and in my prayers                                                        Thank You
According to the FBI, white-collar crimes cost the United States over $300 billion dollars every year !!White-collar crimes are fraud.  They consist of brankruptcy fraud, bribery, embezzlement, insider trading, medical fraud, computer crime, public corruption, identity theft, environmental crimes...
Colleyville is a fabulous place to live....  Colleyville was previously known as Coleysville. It's a suburb of Fort Worth just off of state Highway 26 in Northeast Tarrant County.  Colleyville is located next to the suburb of Southlake.  The other communities that surround Colleyville are North R...
I am currently working with an Investment Firm that would like to purchase Retirement Communities, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.  The budget is $100 - $500 million.My contact information is  817-503-4000  ext. 118  my email is 
I've been working with a couple interested in buying Foreclosure properties for investments...This couple attended a Seminar on buying Foreclosures.... This couple invested $10,000 in the program....Unfortunately, they could have taken that same $10,000 and used it towards the purchase of a prope...

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Contact The Author a new social network just for teens in Southlake Texas. It's very cool!! It's a great place for teens to hook up with friends, post blogs, music, videos, photos, chat and even customize their own page!! Post gigs is a very cool feature!! It's an opportunity to support their friends when they are in a special event...